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No Strings Attached

I close my eyes, I see you
I open them, I want to see you
I'm madly in love with you
No strings attached

I like the way you look
The sense of your touch
I love your smell
No strings attached

I crave for your voice
The warmth of your hand
Your lip on mine
No strings attached

When you sing
The world stops for me
I want to freeze with you
No strings attached

I can spend all my life
Looking at your face
I can lose myself for you
No strings attached

Love to me means you
And so does happiness
I'm crazy about you
No strings attached

The reason for my living
Is the smile on your face
Your the color in my life
No strings attached

You seem perfect
Just the way you are
I can do anything for you
No strings attached

I want to feel you
I want to go mad
I want to love you
No strings attached

I need nothing from you
You don't have to love me back
That's exactly what I mean by
No strings attached


  1. Hi Sowmya, that is such a beautiful poem. But the problem is, this no strings attached concept will cause nothing but pain. Love reaches its zenith only when reciprocated. It's hard to keep on loving/giving without receiving. :) Thank you for showing me the way to ur blog. :) ~Punam

  2. But can it remain like this always? No strings attached?

  3. @Punam, thanks.. I know it causes only pain, but this non expecting phase gives a temporary relief. Yeah its insanely hard I know, but you just go on thinking that some day you will receive it back. That's about it. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    @Rajitha, No not always.. This phase is very very temporary just life the relief. No one is a saint, least of all me..

  4. I doubt love works that way... I guess it does with a shelf value. When u wanna see someone tat badly u'd wanna see tat person for longer. Freedom at it's best could still exist but love's a weird concept that never lets u get away that easy. Wish it was... It'd be easier to fall in n out of love...Without the fear of gettin hurt. Nice thought tho... Seems like an ideal no strings attached relationship. Share the best experiences n leave without having to long for it. I'm a hopeless romantic too but u'd expect love if not anythin else in return sometime for sure. This is probly the only emotion tat's hard to tame.

  5. @savan, I agree its always a two way street. There is the love here, but unfortunately no acceptance..

    Talk about the hardest emotion to tame.. Death wouldn't be half as painful I'm sure..

  6. @soumya: Many are scared to jump in tat deep lest they drown or freeze if it's too cold. Jus think tat everyone's not game enough for tat amount of passion. Acceptance comes eventually. Till then, there's nothin stupid in jumping over n over into it cos u r strong enough to swim outta it.
    Funny thing bout love and death: love starts with a sigh n a lot of pain n fear follows. Death starts with pain n fear and ends with a sigh. No wonder ppl say death would be better...

  7. @Savan, I agree. Strength can keep a lot of things alive, including death..

    I've been jumping over and over the cold waters but not in vain. If not anything, I've come out a stronger person..


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