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The Right Connection

Being an ardent Facebook user, I had to, had to watch 'The Social Network'. Caught it up on the very first week, this Sunday. One word, exceptional!

This movie is great to watch and more importantly it is a pleasure to listen. It is simple and clearly illustrates that mere writing can take on the most expensive of special effects. After all no amount of sfx can match up to human emotions and the daily life drama. With over 500 million users Facebook can easily be the third largest country in the world, after China and of course our very own India. Based on the book, 'The Accidental Billionaires', this movie goes deep to trace the origin of this mammoth network.

Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg is this nerdy computer genius, who can speak a million to a dozen even though he has no clue as to how to behave in any kind of social situation. His wit and 'in your face' attitude is a treat to watch. To be rude and to be right is something really tough which the young Mark pulls off with real ease. After being dumped by his girlfriend, an idea cracks his mind on setting up a site which compares the 'hotness quotient' of two girls within the Harvard University. The site is an instant hit and soon he is approached by the Winklevoss twins, both played by Armie Hammer, to help them create a site called 'The Harvard Connection'.

An idea is born and with the financial help of his best friend Eduardo Saverin, played by Andrew Garfield he starts on with the 'The Facebook'. Soon he is accused by the twins of stealing their idea and so begins a legal battle. The court room scenes are spectacular and the dialogue writer needs to be applauded. Special mention to the "I don't think you deserve my attention......" dialogue. How much of this movie is true, we never know. The original Mark Zuckerberg has gone on record and declared this movie to be fiction, but I'm sure the viewers want to believe otherwise.

The casting is perfect and the never heard of Jesse Eisenberg shines in every frame. The Winklevoss twins, both played by Armie Hammer is a delight to watch. His chiseled features and crisp language perfectly depicts the rich, strong and powerful brats they are supposed to be. Truly a treat to the eyes they are. Andrew Garfield is amazing as the poor CFO who is caught between his best friend and his best friend's new friend Sean Parker, played by Justin Timberlake who seems to have a weird hold on the mind of young Mark and even convinces Mark to remove the 'The' from the name of the site, leaving it to be the thing we all now know as 'Facebook'. This dude just lights up the screen with his presence. He's charming, stunning and has his way with words. What more do you want to ask for?

The story is about how a local 20 year old turns into the youngest billionaire accompanied by several lawsuits including the one filed by his best friend and the CFO of his company. Its simple, brisk and very well told. The movie is the perfect portrait of human nature caught up in a whirlwind of power, success and politics and the pain people are willing to inflict upon each other to rise up in the success ladder.

The movie isn't really about the site 'Facebook'. You can enjoy the brilliance of David Fincher's art, even if you have no clue about social networking. The movie is nothing technical or rocket science, but it makes all the right connections. Its a simple tale of human emotions and the way they can be manipulated.

Clearly one of the best movies I've seen this year. A double thumbs for 'The Social Network'.


  1. Really really enjoyed it! Had it not been for Inception, this could've been my fav for the year..

  2. Oh well this one topped Inception for me..


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