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God's Favorite Child

I am content, happy too
There has been smiles for long
Everything going right for once
Maybe nothing else left to go wrong

Either ways, I ain't complaining
Finally there is a light in my eye
Life sure is not meant to die
When birds are singing in the sky

Through weakness I found my strength
Courage replaced what had been fears
Time never heals anything
You just need to get used to the tears

It all looks good now
I have finally learned to adjust
Life seems to be shining now
Sprinkling me with silver dust

You can have one or a million friends
Yet, you need to go through what you have to
What has happened has gone past
Now there is nothing I can do

Every time that I have felt down
I have always felt you around
Through the pain I saw the path
To get my feet back on the ground

There has never been anybody else
I always always loved only you
The world thinks that I have it all
But in truth, I was waiting for you

I need nothing, when I have the memories
I've accepted and embraced it
The changes that have come out in me
Is slowly helping me re-knit

Through agony, I've found laughs
I've turned mild from the wild
I've been learning so much
I feel that I'm God's favorite child


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