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Growing up?

I'm not the one to get extremely nostalgic about the gone times. For me, past always meant the last 5 years of my life and nothing beyond that. For obvious reasons. But when I saw my bank statement last evening I went on a journey backwards.

Its been just a week since I got my pay check and I'm already nearly broke. Thanks to the multiple shopping sessions and the pending credit card debts. The reason I went into a whirlwind of yesterdays was that during my non working days, I used to live an entire month comfortably on my measly pocket money. And now I make more than 20 times the money, but still hardly manage to make ends meet. Sigh! I was so content back then.

Normal denims have suddenly turned into expensive skinny's, regular shirts and tee's now have to have a brand name, local flip flops turned to elegant leather formal shoes, a couple of slippers turned into a huge shoe collection with all possible colors and heights (no regrets on this though). Earlier the choices were so simple with few clothes and talent meant mixing, matching and wearing them while now the closet is filled with clothes yet you cringe, stating that you have nothing to wear and talent now means adjusting time to rush into all the sales. Auto's and cab's have replaced the local bus journey contributing more to the depleting salary.

Birthday and other treats meant ice cream earlier but now it is a full fledged party. Hanging out then meant at coffee day and barista, but now its usually at a place where they serve booze. I do visit coffee shops still but clearly not as often as I used to. Things have gone so worse that if we step into a place that doesn't serve our kind of drink, we storm out to have it elsewhere. Even if it means in a car and even if it means the owner of the car getting bashed up by his wife the next day. When and how a simple pajama party with pizza and coke turned into a booze party, I'll never know.

Earlier I used to save up money for a long time to buy an anniversary or Valentine's gift for the one I love. Now, when I can afford to buy it all, there is no more love. Hurt and pain then meant scoring less marks, or additional classes, but now its all about stress and heart breaks. Earlier crushes gave a thrill, but now its repelling. It was amusing when guys walked up to talk to you initially, but now its a question mark on the mind. Earlier a hug and a card made a birthday gift, but now friendships are based on the gifts received. Sad, but true.

We all are growing up alright. But, at what cost?


  1. Same sentiments on not being able to manage well, whatever amount I earn.

    I remember in hostel, with the meager amount we got, I had to think twice before having a coke, but with no regrets.

  2. I know.. Life was much simpler then..

  3. I am in love with the pic. Apt ! And Bingo, I was about to write the same topic, but now that you have covered it pretty well, let it be! I should rather route people to this link :D

  4. @Stranger, Still lots more to cover, give it a shot!

    Yeah routing is fine too :D


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