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Heaven in a Bottle

When I woke up to the call of the guy who has been giving me more than enough reasons to smile of late, I realised that today is surely gonna be a good day. It sure was. Its not everyday that you go to sleep on a song from the best of voices, and wake up to the sweetest of voices. Well today just seems to be my day.

First, I got my medical reports from the hospital and my doctor says that I'm just fine. A lil low on the bp, but that is inevitable thanks to the stress I'm in at work. Minus that I'm perfectly fine. I'm just thrilled to know that I'm far far away from the 'D'zone now. I battled it once successfully, never again. I'm a mobile anti-depressant now.

In order to celebrate I bought myself a dark chocolate Bournville (believe me, I've earned it) and 'Cool Water' by David Off. This small blue bottle, took me to heaven for that instant and I surely did not mind the tiny hole it punched on my card. Some fragrances are seriously expensive, but this one was totally worth it. It had me thinking. If heaven were to be incorporated in a bottle, this surely would be it! There are many others that come a close second though. Some appeal to the nose and some to the taste bud but both to the soul.

-- Dior Addict - Dior
-- Paradiso Inferno Pink - UCB
-- Colors - UCB
-- Cool Cucumber - Dove
-- Chance - Chanel
-- Tommy Girl - Tommy Hilfiger
-- Red jeans - Versace
-- Woman - Puma
-- Spicy black - Fa

I absolutely loathe perfumes/deos that have a hint of floral or fruity smell. Kinda makes me feel icky and gives me a giant headache.

Now for the taste buds.

-- Hershey's chocolate syrup
-- Romanov Vodka
-- Delmonte Mustard
-- Fun Food's double Mayo
-- Milkmaid condensed milk
-- Tic tac mint
-- Skippy's peanut butter
-- Kissan orange marmalade

I also had a lot of liqueur chocolates at work today. Its a pity they don't come in bottles. Alright, I'm slightly high. Happy high. Very happy high :)


  1. @Soumya: Need I say anythin? :-) Cheers... Life's wonderful. It's the best day when we realize our worth. Treat urself like this all the time... (I don't mean with a bottle of Cool Wave) Being high on life will keep all the pain at bay.


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