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My Mirror Talking

Mirror eyes, talking to me
Like the stars stooping low
There is a spark at my chest
As I watch my heart glow

I'm the ocean flowing free
Ripping through like a song
Mending my broken wings
I'll soon fly, it wont be long

Someday, the song will end
Somehow I'd trace the way
I'll now look carefully
I'll learn what each hour had to say

No need for a hidden cry
Loud lies can never be true
No matter what you try to hide
The mirror can always see through you

Thunder storms deafen me
The rain is here after the wait
With the pour comes the hope
That tiny drops can change my fate

You were the solid paper
To my dreams of molten ink
Your boat reached the shore
While mine was meant to sink

But she held on and fought the wind
Thus she learnt how to sail
She let out a long cry
It was of joy and not a wail

The mirror screams but never lies
May hide things you don't want to show
Facade after facade, blocking the view
No matter what, the heart does know

The face in the mirror understands
I can't make love out of nothing
The very fact that you still exist
Makes my everyday worth something

P.S: I know I said no more poetry, but this one is a non heart broken one. I always keep my word.


  1. Amazing piece of writing...

    Do visit my blog too:

  2. Thanks Lucky..

    That's a nice blog you have out there.. bitten by the travel bug I see..

  3. The mirror speaks a thousand words when we lend an ear to listen. Yes, it knows all our secrets and may pass them to us with a grin.
    She learnt how to sail, she might be reaching the shore anytime soon.

    Nice poem, And do poetry when ever you feel like. Because, it just flows.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Thanks BA.. She hopes to reach the shore soon.

    Thanks.. Its tough to keep poetry away from me. When it has to flow, it will..



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