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Ne Pas Abandonner L'espoir (Don't abandon Hope)

I see music, I hear light
There is life, there is glow
Amidst the gleam I see your face
And then I let my blood flow

My broken mind tries to find its way
Through the lost and dilapidated lane
Love is the only thing that struck me sharp
Just like the sun rays on my window pane

My life seems like a fusion painting
Filled with colors and tinted light
Give me a chance to live my love
And I'll shine through day and night

Everything gradually fades away
Some things are just left unsaid
Like a butterfly that weaves colors
But only to end up dry and dead

We're very alike yet so different
You're the ocean, and I'm the sea
Laying still is something I can't do
I need the wind to set me free

Live the truth, forget the lies
Just stand close and watch the clock
When nothing works just pray
You'll soon find a ship at your dock

I am something more than this
I want to walk with my head held high
I may not be the perfect dame
But I'm more than an option or a misplaced sigh

Soon the clouds will return
Hovering around blocking the pain
Again there shall be sunlit days
And when you want there shall be rain

Tomorrow shall be a good day
There will be only right and nothing wrong
There will be new chords, new music
Come to me, become my song

Hope seems to be my middle name
For me its always a half full cup
I'm an eternal optimist
I shall fight until God gives up


  1. @ Soumya: guess translatin in english will invite more comments in this one now...i heard somethin good today I'd like to share with u, " Surrender to the fact tat life isn't fair. It's not supposed to be. When u get the fact tat life's like this you dont feel self-pity. Feelin sorry for yourself only defeats the purpose of having challenges." Found this quite motivatin.

  2. Yeah Savan, realised it and then decided to include the translation..

    This sure is good and makes total sense. But you need to go through a few things until realisation strikes you hard. Now that it has, challenges seem like a routine. Absolutely motivating yes. Thanks for that!


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