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Not a Mistake

Its not like everyday is easy to pass
But today is the hardest
Its not like I smile always
But today I'm the saddest

I lie to myself that you are still around
For years now, I've played this game
Feeling anxious, happy and thrilled
Each time I hear your name

Its now been 66 months
Since the day we came together
But all that is left now is memories
Which I promptly tend to gather

Looking at you makes it harder
Knowing that I'm living a lie
But living with the thought that I cant see you
Makes me wanna hurt and die

I try to spend each and everyday
With happiness and laughs
How can I forget those times
When my heart has photographs

I sleep on your chest
But I wake up alone
All I have is the moon
Where our love always shone

If God comes down to me
Seeking to grant a wish
Do I ask for you to be mine
Or a forever lasting kiss

At times I can feel you
Touch my tear stained face
Holding me close to you
Pain, trying to erase

We are not like others
We cant fall in and out of love and fake
No matter who says what
Remember, we were never a mistake


  1. @Soumya: Intense... It's been a long time appreciate how u think of it.
    Btw, look for the word 'Lion' in German.

  2. Thanks..

    Lion = 'Löwe', Sigh, Look at the irony..


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