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Silence is soothing
It helps you see clear
It makes you breathe easy
And takes away the fear

Solitude as they call it
Has never been my cup of tea
I tend to enjoy it now
Its only here that I feel you and me

They say speech is silver
And silence is compared to gold
I say no amount of words can fill
As to what your eyes always told

At times it seems like a curse
But to me mostly its a boon
Silence may hold us apart
Yet together we're under the same moon

With silence, comes pretense
I'm afraid to say what I feel
But I pretend that you still love me
Silence thus helps me heal

Silence is just a condition
With all the words stuck in my head
In front of you everything falls short
Its better to leave the voice dead

The reason why I love silence
Is that I can fill it what I want you to say
My silence only says one thing
You make me love you more everyday

My eyes say they need your presence
My lips say they need your touch
Doesn't the silence say it all
Does the void of words seem much

Love is potent when expressed in silence
In feelings it makes you drown
Since I cant express it in sound
I feel its better to write it down


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