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You, Me aur Hum

I am a normal girl. Well I come pretty close at least. I'm an extremist, I give all I can and I love with all my might. I like people for what they are, and never try to judge them. And I'd like to be accepted and loved for the same reason. I dream of a better tomorrow and hope that I get to see it. I pray to God for strength and courage to get me past any obstacle I face. I have everything I need and I have accepted everything that has come my way. Today, I cherish my life. I've experienced love and I have no regrets about it. I still love. Hence, I live.

He might seem ordinary to you, but to me he is anything but that. A word from him is enough to lighten my heart and alleviate my sorrow. His love is the catalyst for my reason to live. His goofy smile strikes me like light and suddenly I don't need anything else. He is the hope and the dreams I see. He's my weakness and my strength. He's my prayer and an answer to it. He's the invisible pillar of support in my life. He's my love and my life. He still loves. Hence, I live.

We are not normal or ordinary people. We were perfect. We are perfect. Extra ordinary circumstances have come up, and we have coped up with it in our own different ways. We live every day of each others life, sometimes together, sometimes against. We still care, we still share. We hurt, we pretend. We're a lot unlike others, but alike each other when it comes to love. We want everything, but are paranoid to make a move. Perfection was our key. We still have floating hopes and dreams. With or without each other, we both don't know. We still love. We shall live.


  1. From the bottom of my heart I wish, you both continue to Love forever & Live together.

    Liked most the picture of this post, it speaks tonnes of feelings.

    The new theme of your Blog is impressive; gives a feeling that you are getting more stronger and stable, emotionally. Keep it up Soumya :o)

  2. Thanks for your wishes Prashanth..

    Yeah I wanted a pencil sketch to show that I'm in a place now, where love can be erased for ever or made more strong. What's gonna happen I don't know. Just hoping for the best for both of us..

    I am getting stable yes. One day at a time. Thanks :)

  3. Sometimes few words from a stranger someone gives you more courage to fight with your own circumstances!!!
    thnx for this beautiful post :-)

  4. @Mansi, With love comes happiness, and without comes courage..

    You're welcome girl.. and Thanks to you too :)


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