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Its all now smooth and fresh Like a perfect ripe marshmellow Life has never been this sweet I paint myself a bright yellow Nothing's more important than self Not a thing or any another fellow There are balloons and colorful kites Its all now a shining yellow I do hear soothing music Flowing from the strings of a cello It envelopes me all around Turning me pink from yellow My heart's been rapidly healing But its still a lil bit mellow I want it to be up and kicking Showing hints of red and yellow I'm gonna sing through life now Never ever gonna leak a bellow Its all now pristine beautiful And powerful like the strong yellow Nostalgia has never been good Sticks on to you like unhealthy jello You need to pull yourself from it Turn your life from black to yellow Hope and life go together Just like the soft bed and pillow Red is power and green is freedom But do not ignore the mighty yellow Embrace life with all your might Life will hug you back with a hello Do not fear the half


Patience is a virtue. A long post ahead! 5 days since my last post? Gosh, have I really been that busy? The answer to that would be a gigantic YES! The year started off with a bang and its been an overload of bangs now. When you have an overdose of happiness, its really scary. First, because you are not used to it. Second, what if it doesn't last? I've been so busy floating in my happiness that my sucky appraisal didn't affect me at all. Its good no doubt, but I expected something better. Much better. I can't lick a$$ or flatter people to get noticed. I do my work, meet my deadlines and am appreciated for the work. Apart from that I don't intend on doing anything else to score brownie points. This month has been a huge turning point for me. For the first time ever my personal life is on an eternal high. Everything perfect and one good news after the other. I'm not complaining. Nothing is more important to me than my peace of mind. I need to be clutter free in my

Shadows in Silence

The stars shone bright and the moon stood strong. A powerful crescent casting a dense beam of light. The wind blew lightly, just enough to softly blow her hair, so that he could gently tuck it behind her ear. The air was warm, just like their breath. This hide and seek had been happening for long enough now. They stood apart at first basking in the moment, enjoying the faint light, meekly giggling to his incomplete non funny jokes. He did have a great sense of humour otherwise, but he seemed distracted today. By her. He was observing her closely. She smiled. She looked away when his eyes rested on her lips. She moved away in a sway. He shook his head with that charming smile still shining bright against the backdrop of faint light. He came close, she moved far. He held her hand, she came closer. She laughed as he played the piano on her arm. The moon trickled more light on them as they stood atop, away from the world. A warm gust of smooth air caused her hair to cover her face, which h

Color me Red

So here I am, after a 4 day vacation. Relaxed, rejuvenated and raring to go. Typically my new year just began when my vacation started. I just let go off all the cached memories and only decided to look ahead. I have been successful so far. This might also be because I have had more than enough distractions over the past few days. The real test will be when I'm surrounded with solitude around the four corners of my room or when I hit the bed. Wait, I did that today morning and I'm totally fine. I guess this is it, I'm gonna be fine always. Maybe not great, but I'll be just fine. The No Strings Attached theory did not seem to work for me when it came to love. But when it comes to life, it seems to be doing wonders. Live life on your terms and your beliefs. No need to carry any additional baggage and worry about strings. Its all about how you want to take it. You may either let it all loose and lose yourself or just tie all the loose ends together and never let it reopen


'Fear can hold you prisoner, Hope can set you free' ~ Shawshank Redemption. Hope is seriously a funny thing. Dangerous actually. When you count on hope, you realise that it never mattered. That's not the key to life. Acceptance is. There are no free lunches in this world. Everything comes at a price. Be it a job, materialistic stuff, sanity or love. Everything in life is actually a matter of choice. You choose to sit back, you lose. You choose to fight, you get hurt. A great deal of life is normally spent on trying to strike a perfect balance between holding on and letting go. You need to forgive, to forget. And then forget, to start something new. At times, lines have to be drawn. I don't know why I chose to dwell in morose hood for so long. But again being a fast learner doesn't mean that you get everything at the first go. It was my first after all. Now I know. For me love is very simple. Either you love someone or you don't. There are no ifs and buts and abs


He: So what do you think now? She: About what? He: Hmmm you know.. About love maybe. She: Aargh, lets not talk about it. I have nothing to say. He: Nothing? She: Yeah, nothing. He: You think love is nothing? She(irritated): I didn't say that! He: You just did. She: Ok whatever! Hmmph. He: So you agree that love is nothing? She(giving up): Okay whatever you say. He: So love is nothing. You agree? She(rolling eyes): Hmmm ok. He: You do know about the book 'Nothing lasts forever'? She(confused): Oh, that Sheldon waala? Its a favourite. Why ? He: So nothing lasts forever right? She(more confused): Yeah, I guess. But why? He(cheekily): So then, will you be my nothing? She(spellbound): Eh?!?

Justice.. Delivered

The minute I walked into Inox to watch 'No one killed Jessica', I was amused. Reason? The security lady refused to let me in as she refused to believe that I was above 18. She plainly refused to let me in until I showed some id proof. I usually carry around my fully loaded clutch, but on this particular day I just decided to stuff some cash in my pocket and venture out as this place is just like 15 minutes away from my place. So after some cajoling and my friend showing her work id they let us in. Phew! 18 and me?? I might look young, but definitely not 6 years younger than my actual age. I have followed the Jessica Lall case albeit not very closely. But yes, the movie did live up to the original case. The beginning credits mention that the movie is part fiction, part fact. Oh yeah, it shows. The movie tells a simple tale in a simple way with powerful punches here and there. The story is rich and bombastic and moving to a certain extent. The first half of the movie rocks where

I am

I am the color red On that bright pretty rose I am the early morning dew Or the water that just froze I am the memory Of the things to come I am the glue That binds things as one I am the road Which has no end I am the force That you need to defend I am the art Of a lovely dream I am the shrill Of a frightened scream I am the madness Of a day of fun I am the heavy cloud That can hide the sun I'm the twilight Of your midnight thoughts In this life of strings I am holding the knots I am the breezing wind Towards the painful fire I am mother earth's All forms of desire I am the voiceless echo Of an odourless scent I am the agonised hate I am what love meant I am the temptation That causes you to cave I am the power That you take to the grave I am the close friend That you want to know I'm the one with piercing eyes I am your deadliest foe I am the laugh Of a distant cry In a series of attempts I am your final try I am the blood Gurgling through your heart I am the venom That c

My Thought Basin

So, my blog crossed a 10,000 views today. That's not so bad for the 600 odd days its been on. I am happy of course and extremely nostalgic about the way I started of. Rewind to March 2009, the most pathetic year of my life. I was going through total shit professionally, and the personal life seemed like a never ending quagmire. I was hurt, frustrated, confused, lost and every other negative word that you can think of. I was oblivious to the concept of blogs at that time. But once I saw my co-worker checking out someone's blog and I was like "That's a cool outlet to vent out frustrations". Honestly, that was the first thing on my mind and the very reason why LOL took shape. The hunt for an apt name was another nightmare. Being a Leo has caused me more bad than good and I was adamant to have Leo in the title. After a few brain storming sessions I decided on this one. The worst thing was I hadn't told anyone about my decision to start a blog, so I couldn't as

Heal Yourself

When everything is seemingly lost When you feel away from your soul Just hold on tight with this thought That soon in life, you'll find your role Nothing in life comes ready made Its those tiny drops that maketh the sea No one is greater than the other It all depends on how you want it to be There are a lot of things ahead It may not necessarily be in shape Even before it begins to take form Don't give up and try to escape Not everyday can you bask in light Even the earth has hurricanes and rain You are just a tiny spot on it How can you expect to live without pain? Hope may not be everything But its sure makes living better In time, give yourself a hard push And break away from that fetter Be realistic in your approach Just don't stay back and watch the scene Love and life never come easy You need to fill things in between You may have tried many a times You may have cried a million tears But did giving up bring your time back? Or did it help you evade your fears? Never ev

Poetry in Motion

It was the perfect blend of colors. Blue, purple, orange, red, yellow; all splashed against a mild background drawing figures as they went. The mystic scent was over powering, intoxicating almost. The magical smoke made swirling patterns around her, as she opened her eyes to witness the impossible sight. There were balloons high up in the air. Pink. She hated the color, but today she devoured the scene. The blue butterfly chased her, as she ran giggling around the stream of fuchsia flowers. The color rubbed off on her skin as she galloped from color to color soaking in the moment. There was this drizzle of pure dew that flowed on her, wanting to erase all her fears. And it all left, like an aftermath, disappearing into nothingness. It felt cold, but nice. There remained a rainbow thrown around the light blue sky like a marathon of colors. It was all so bright and she laughed loud thinking about her black and white theory. It did not hurt her to admit that she was wrong. It felt liberat

All Smiles

Happy New Year everyone! My year began with a bang, and I seriously don't remember when I have laughed so much or danced so much before. It was a mad mad night and I hope the madness continues for the rest of the year. 2010 left on a very good note. Things came out in the open and its all clear now. I can understand things much better now. I could before too but I never did want to. But now, its out there in front of me every single day to see, and live. Absolutely no regrets. Better late than never they say. True. I'm happy now. Very happy. I guess life is a nice place when you let go of the expectations and try to make the best of what or who comes your way. Seriously at times I feel its the best to let go. Holding on to something painful never has and never will help anyone. Its funny that I realised this when I was staring at my drink last night. Whatever, I'm glad it did strike me. Trying to make a future out of yesterdays is so not right. So here I am, writing this wi