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Patience is a virtue.

A long post ahead!

5 days since my last post? Gosh, have I really been that busy? The answer to that would be a gigantic YES! The year started off with a bang and its been an overload of bangs now. When you have an overdose of happiness, its really scary. First, because you are not used to it. Second, what if it doesn't last? I've been so busy floating in my happiness that my sucky appraisal didn't affect me at all. Its good no doubt, but I expected something better. Much better. I can't lick a$$ or flatter people to get noticed. I do my work, meet my deadlines and am appreciated for the work. Apart from that I don't intend on doing anything else to score brownie points.

This month has been a huge turning point for me. For the first time ever my personal life is on an eternal high. Everything perfect and one good news after the other. I'm not complaining. Nothing is more important to me than my peace of mind. I need to be clutter free in my heart and mind so that I can concentrate more on building a career. I've decided to follow my dreams and take up writing soon. Will take up a media course and in one or max 2 years bid a final goodbye to the IT industry. My 3 years of technical experience falls short when compared to my experience in corporate politics. Not my cuppa tea and its definitely not something that I would want to pursue. The minute I get a decent outlet, I'm out of this big bad geeky world.

Speaking of goodbyes, I had to bid quite a few this month. My best friend got married yesterday and I've been exorbitantly busy with her for the past 3 days. She's my evil twin and my mind reader. We were like one soul and 2 bodies. A perfect fire to fire match and we often joked that if either one of us was from the opposite sex, we'd have the perfect relationship. Now that she's settled, she'll be moving to another country to live with her husband. It was a hard goodbye but I'm so excited for her to start a brand new life.

Another friend left the city for a better career opportunity. No doubt I'm happy for him but I miss him like hell. A chance encounter turned into a funny friendship. We only met occasionally and when we did we'd always set the ball rolling. His expectations were different, but I was clear about a 'friends only' policy. Inspite of the weird unsaid awkwardness, we got along so well and respected each other for what we are. If not anything I always knew that he's around with that big warm hug of his, always trying to make me feel better. I'm a bit sad that he's gone, but he's not out of my mind. I'm so glad for technology I swear!

One more friend will leave soon. Again for a better career opportunity. He's the only stranger that I'm gonna miss. We started of bad, later it turned messy and when things started looking good, he's leaving. But anyway, he's been a good friend advising me both professionally and personally and is someone whom I will remember for a long time. He's promised to stay in touch. Lets see if he keeps it up. I owe him 2 beers yes, so I hope to see him come back soon.

Now the most important and most painful goodbye ever. At times its hard to believe that I actually did that. And I survived! But seriously, one of us had to let go, for either of us to move on. It was not easy. Its never easy to cling on to hope and hang in mid air either. I wanted to move on, so I let go. I loved him enough, to let him go. Now, we're both happy in our respective spaces and life's moving on as well. And after sometime everything stops mattering. My ipod went on a shuffle today and out came the songs that were associated with a plethora of memories. But its just did not make a difference. Not even the good ones. I guess I've bid goodbye to the memories as well. Maybe I will to the feelings too. Sometime. Soon.

A friend of mine always keeps telling me that the population in my life never decreases. If someone walks out, someone else walks in. Call it coincidence if you may, but that's how its been happening oflate. Either ways I'm not complaining. Because I now have come to believe that every goodbye will soon be followed by a hello!


  1. Adieus are not the ends,
    Memories, they can't offend.
    The new that follows, hails with an aura mellow,
    It greets you, for another start, with a gracious 'hello'. :)

  2. Same goes for me,as far as licking a** to gian brownie points is concerned. One has to respect oneself, above all materialistic gains.

  3. :)

    True, one goes, other one comes in, though in a different way altogether. Just know who is not to be bid goodbye. It doesn't matter though, but sometimes, you might wonder that if it had, then what would it have been like.

    There won't be lyrics today, and the song is slight off the mark, but its good.


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. a very nice post I must say....
    we do hv some similarities in our profession and professional aspirations as well :-)
    I hv not yet feel the feeling of letting things go....may be it feels good..may be void...I dont yes, one has to move on!!!

    I wish u all the very best for the life ahead :-)

  5. @Sayak, Hello! Welcome to my blog!

    Those were some great words :)

    @Rajita, Seriously! But a few people go to dangerous heights to rise up. Scary world!

    @BA, :)

    Yes, I do keep the special ones safe and there is absolutely no room for goodbyes there.

    Ah, I love this song from Hinder. The sober and clear thoughts part make me like it even more :). Thanks!

    @Mansi, Thanks!

    We do? That's good. Hope you fulfill all your aspirations. Move on lady, not that tough trust me!

    Thank you so much and wish you the same..

  6. Don't worry, things are not just "looking good", they ARE good :) I will keep my promise, at any cost and next time wen I come back , be ready for surprises ;) cheers !

  7. @Stranger, they ARE yes!

    You better keep up the promise and I'm surprised that you recognised it was you. Beginning of a surprise here :P

    Take care, Cheers!

  8. This is such a sweet post... it sent me down the memory lane of all the 'goodbyes' that i had to say! Its hard but always for the best! :)

    I just got of one Big Bad IT job and got into another (hopefully) good one!
    Hope you make it out soon! Wishing you luck :)

    And..Oh ya.. am following you :)

    Follow if you like!


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