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I'm kinda suffering from a writers block. Just look at the frequency of my posts. I was the one who thought it was mandatory to write atleast one post a day. Sometimes I used to come up with two and take a long time debating on what to post and more often than not end up posting both. Sigh, the foolish me!

But now, its all just blank. Also, I'm not having enough time for it. I've promised myself never to post something during office hours, so there goes the major portion of my time. I've been out socialising so much that I hardly get time to sit free and browse the internet. I do check for updates via my phone a coupla times during the day. I've always been addicted to internet, but now somehow the need has ceased.

I don't remember coming home before 11 this whole week. No, not work. Catching up with friends, bidding a few goodbyes, laughing away to glory, dancing, drinking, cheering and all the madness. How life got this busy I don't know. Even if I do find time to unwind, I now prefer a book or watch a movie. When I sit down to write, I'm like 'Oopsie, what do I write about?'. I guess the flow of words was inevitable when you have a broken heart. I miss the words, I miss the feelings and honestly at times I do miss the pain. We had been friends for almost 3 years and now when its gone, there is an emptiness somewhere. Go ahead and mock me, but that's the truth.

Life moves on neatly when you stop hitch hiking at one point. I can see that now. The flow is smooth and you don't feel the need to look back. Occasionally I still do. When you love someone its tough not to look back. But now I've learnt that the look ahead time should be much more than the look back time. Following it. Falling in love again suddenly seems like an option but its invariably surrounded by fear. I guess with time, the fear will fade out. Atleast that's the hope. Life's been busy, filled with new guns and chaos. No complaints, but I do miss writing. More than anything else.


  1. I have to say the same on internet addiction thing. There was a time when most of my idle time was spent browsing but now I have minimized it to weekends and soemtimes office time. Nothing after work.

    Have fun socialising..cos you will miss it when friends are not around

  2. Internet is like vitality to me right now. It's not that I always do something online, but it feels good to be always connected.
    And I also plan to go unwired, without any electronics to a recluse, maybe on a vacation, sometime, in life. Not now.

    As for writer's block. I always suggest every body to stop being a writer, be yourself.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. " I guess the flow of words was inevitable when you have a broken heart."

    oh happens...but we do have lot many other things in life...
    enjoy this really is precious!!!

  4. ha yes.. i even made myself a promise on one of my posts, that it'll be 'One post per day' from now on.. Now i dont bother much. Initial frenzy thats all... Its better now, gives me time to do a lot of other things which are equally imoprtant!

    Laughing with friends, going out, reading books - thats the best way to be busy in life! Rather that staring at your monitor 24x7. Dont regret it! Writing will come when it has to..

  5. @Rajita, Its kind of liberating, without interenet at times..
    Friends, damn can't imagine what I'd do without them.

    @BA, Feels good yes, but is highly addictive..
    I've planned the unwired thing too. Sometime late in life though :)
    Hmmm, nice tip that one!

    @Mansi, Precious indeed!

    @Chandana, U did too? Never works out lady :)
    Yup right now loving life the way it is. Writing will come when it has to..

  6. ahhh. U break my heart ! looks se maar kha gaya. dhat :(

  7. Ahhh Stranger! Relax, uthne bure looks bhi nahi hai..

    Aap itne achche insaan ho, ki aapke liye ye bhi maaf :)

  8. aww..popat ho gaya.. my comment was for "Is It me" post. May be I clicked this url while commenting. Fit it there and u will get the context ;)

  9. Thought as much. Chal koi nahi, I get the point anyway!


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