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With clear happy thoughts
I rest my head to sleep
I feel peace all around
As I plunge into slumber deep

I see crisp blue skies
And the sun shining bright
Butterflies flocking white lilies
And the sunflowers woven tight

I hear gurgling waters
And the early birds twitter
The clouds break a melody
I feel rain drops pitter patter

The faint music gets loud
Its beautiful though almost mute
Its mystically mesmerising
A violin? A piano? Or a flute?

This vision of beautiful life
Is what I always yearned for
Love, cheer and smiles
And free from any kind of war

Everything seems so perfect
Yet I seem to carry a ghost
A fleet of memories haunt me
How can I not be the host?

Suddenly I see your face
I smile wide amidst my dream
But I see you with someone else
Then I wake up a shade of green


  1. Jaded! Nice one.

    The colors of the rainbow are flowing steadily here. I am waiting for the full spectrum to complete. Jealous and Green , happens. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Thanks BA :)

    Jealousy is inevitable when it comes to love, even in a dream..

    Spectrum will be out soon. Cheers!


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