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Up in the Air

I was at the Aero Show today and trust me it sure was an experience of a lifetime. Its not everyday that you get to wave out to Shahid Kapur or catch a glimpse of M.S Dhoni. So, it sure was an awesome day :). I was also supposed to go watch the India vs Australia warm up match today, but damned work is keeping me put at home. My sister is out there cheering and I'm stuck here glued to 2 laptops. But I also needed a break, thanks to the stress and madness the past few weeks have been.

Now about the Aero show, I've always tremendously admired men in uniform, like any normal woman out there. Army and Navy is a big big turn on and the Air force is a bigger game all together. I so want to marry a pilot now. They are daredevils I swear. So calm, so composed before they climb into a fighter plane. And they come out looking the same after going 10,000 feet up in the air and doing all possible acrobatics and loops in the air. It was fascinating! Even the highest and scariest roller coaster has never me such a high before. It was actually tough to believe that there were people out there in the plane that was doing all possible things in the air.

We were sitting right in the front row, with a clear view of the runway and it was an out of the world experience to watch the huge Mig 21 take off. The pilot just strolled to take his position and he waved out to the crowd like he was just going for a walk. The loud noise during the take off gives you goose bumps which remain and intensifies as it hits the air and swirls about. This was followed by the F-16 and F-18. Shahid Kapur looking splendid in his jumpsuit and Rayban aviators waved out with a wide smile to the crowd as his F-16 moved to take position which was about 10 feet from where I was seated. I told you, it was thrilling!

We saw everything and it was so amazing that I just can't stop thinking about it. Waking up early on a weekend and travelling about 20 kms and walking 7 kms to reach the actual venue was totally worth it! The Sukhoi, Typhoon terrier, Mig, and even the boring white Saab was quite a sight to watch. The Redbulls and the Surya Kirans beat everything though. The Redbulls were good and the Surya Kirans with their Tri-color act were fantastic. The shapes they made and the co-ordination they shared were breath taking. Extremely proud to be an Indian I swear!

On our way out we passed by the pilot quarters and Oh boy, I could just stay there all day and look at them. They are incredibly fit and immensely hot!! They ooze out a sense of something which gets on to you. It makes you gape at them with immense respect. Maybe its the bravery or the guts they have accumulated in them. No matter what, works for me. I so regret quitting the Frankfinn course I started to become an air hostess. I would have been a lousy one, but I could atleast get to be in the company of the pilots. If not the fighter pilots atleast the plain mundane ones would do :)

The picture shown above is that of the Surya Kiran's performing the Tri-color act. No, I did not click that one. I was too busy admiring them.


  1. Yeah, those guys out there in uniform, they do look handsome and respectable.
    And the planes are to be watched with awed attention.

    And two laptops? Send one over. The better one. The one that can play games. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Soumya, I wish you get to marry a Pilot soon.

    Cheers to Life! :o)

  3. Yeah! true... even my best friend cribs all the time for being not able to hook up wid a pilot yet...
    Infact, guys which includes me, also share this respect and I am sure each one of us, at some point in their childhood, wants to be a pilot.
    good read !

  4. @BA, Respectable would be an understatement. You just feel like saluting them!

    Two laptops yeah. One for work and the other personal one. You can have the work one. It has awesome games called C++ and Linux :P

    @Prashanth, as always you wish the best for me.

    Thanks :)

    @Aakash, Welcome to my blog!

    Thank you so much. Did you plan to be one too? Considering your name :)

  5. yeah.. men in uniforms... there is certainly something about them!! ok not all uniforms.. i wont generalize in case ppl think ill be attracted to a doorman or a watchman!

    But pilots - a big yes for sure!!!

    Would have loved to watch the air show.. heard it was amazing!

  6. @Chandana, Not all uniforms seriously!!

    Pilots are a sure drool for me..

    Watch it the next time and try for a seat next to the pilot quarters ;)


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