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What goes around..

Comes around. And how..

A couple of posts back I mentioned that I've been having so much fun in life that I hardly go home before 11 pm. Well that streak continues till today but since 2 weeks its been work, work and more work. Ah well, I just went a rung up in the corporate ladder. I am the development lead for my team now. Having said that, its absolutely not easy to be a person who has look into every single aspect of a project and be the first point of contact for any issue. I've been under immense stress oflate, but I'm loving every minute of it. Most importantly it keeps me distracted enough to not think about other things. Or people.

I'm not a very responsible person myself. I'm pretty clumsy to be honest. So this is a huge turning point for me. I'm learning to be responsible not only for myself, but also for the other members in my team. God's been really funny with me. He gives me extreme and mandatory chances to grow up. I'm not complaining anymore. I'm at peace within myself and I think the time has come for me to concentrate on just myself for now. Lived enough for others already!

Life's been hectic. Managed a quick getaway last weekend and went on a trip to Hogenakkal with team mates. Phew! But this time it was serious fun. All of us have been working so hard that all of us needed a much deserved break. And boy, was it one. Besides the feeling I felt when I accidentally saw him a few days back, the best feeling I've felt in recent times is that of sitting completely submerged in water with only your head and your hand holding a glass of old monk above. Peaceful it was. And thrilling too. The best part about team outings is that you get to see how people are outside work. You hate some, and then you begin to respect some. You realise the other scary side of a few people and you figure out how gross some people can actually get.

Also managed to sneak out to watch '7 Khoon Maaf'. It was a good enough movie. Nothing great though. Priyanka pulls off a complex character and yes, I've begun to respect her after that. John is icky in the movie and Irrfan is scary. And the climax was foolishness personified. Kudos to Vivaan Shah though. He's really good.

So that's about for now. I'm visiting my blog after so long that I myself feel like a visitor here :(. I need to take out more time to write now. I miss my regular life. That's why if you have too much fun at once, you miss it more later. Well that happened to me. Its all work, documents, code, reviews and all that now. Inspite of all the stress I still get a rush when I do it. Makes me feel good. Satiated. And for now, that's all I want.


  1. Congrats on your promotion!
    I have been trying to write something but everytime I open my notepad...I get blank!

    Good that even after all those long working hours you took some time off!

  2. Congratulations Soumya. Team lead, WOW. And all the best.
    Well, this is your life, and its still normal, just a shift of priorities and the onset of an opportunity. All the best with that too.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. @Mansi, Thank you so much..

    Even I've been going through the blank phase much oflate. Not finding the time is another problem. Hope to get back on track soon.

    @BA, The development lead for now. Sometime soon the lead for the whole team I hope.

    Talk about the shift in priorities. Thank you for your wishes.


    @Ice Maiden, Thanks :)

  4. Congrats soumya... though I knew it was a long pending promotion!! Need to treat big time ...

  5. @... (Pri), Thanks!

    Treat, anytime you want..

  6. New template!
    [Whistle whistle] :D


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