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Love Ruined Me

And that's all I have to say.


  1. Aww...Sowmya. Here is a biiiiiiiiiiig hug for you. Cheer up

  2. same pinch** love ruined me too.
    this pic is fucking awesome...

    if u have little spare time than please do go through this link

  3. Love spoils, and too much of it could perhaps ruined.
    Rebuild, that all I would say, the monuments that are resurrected looks much better.


  4. @Always Happy,
    Awwww so sweet! Thank you so much :)

    @Rolling Stone,
    I can't believe you have an entire blog dedicated to that someone. I'm glad I dint turn that crazy! Trust me, some people are just not worth it!

    It took me ages to find a suitable pic for this one. Glad you liked it.

    As usual you always manage to cheer me up :)

    Everything should be done in moderation. Be it love or drinking (:P). I'm sure you agree. Rebuilding yes, one step at a time.



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