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For some weird reason, I am very happy today. Life is still the same, as I type out this post from my work laptop. But I cant seem to stop smiling. Something feels good inside. Like a tiny ray of hope rising up with each passing second. Like a million reasons to smile in every blink. I hear random music and that makes me groove with it. An invisible hand holding mine, as I walk alone. Like some aura of hope assuring me that everything will be alright.

I'm not complaining. I love these unexpected bouts of tiny drops of happiness. I know for sure, what ever has to happen now will be for good. I'll blindly accept it. Sometimes it takes more strength to sit and go through it, rather than stand up and try to fight a losing battle. I'm fine. I will be fine. I'll stay quiet for now and let this feeling take over me.

Aahatein, Ho Rahin Teri
Dil Ke Dar Pe Mere,
Tu Yahin Hai Kahin
Kabhi Mere Khwab Sa,
Kabhi Uljhe Jawaab Sa,
Ke Chanda Mein Bhi Daag Sa,
Mere Jaisa Tu
Ke Dariya Ka Ho Ik Sira,
Ke Armaanon Ka Silsila,
Ke Sehra Mein Bhi Aab Sa,
Mere Jaisa Tu


  1. mayb somethin good is gonna happen... :D

    take care...

  2. @BA, :) back at you!

    @Ninu, Maybe :D
    Lets see what happens. Thanks!


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