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Why can't there be at least a single moment in my life which is clear cut. Why am I always stuck between two or more things having to choose one? Its not like I'm looking at a pair of shoes and deciding to buy the black or the white one. I usually end up buying both. But what do I do when it comes to life? And love? I again stand confused here.

I'm scared to make a choice now. I don't want to make one. Its all happening way too fast. Everything was going on smooth and the way I wanted it to, but now there is a third angle. A really good one that I can't seem to ignore. What do I do? I'm the one who always says that everything in life is a matter of choice. Well, this time I'm not able to make one.

Its not like I have make a choice and stick to it today, but I don't want to regret on having lost out on something good/great tomorrow. I'm playing along for now. Not looking ahead, nor peeping back. Just for today, I'm happy the way my life is. I'm sure when the time comes, I'll make the right choice.


  1. Thats life.. gives you choices when you dont need them... Frustrating but i guess it always turns out well in the end...

  2. I guess everyone is tormented by the same feeling. But always belief in yourself and in the power of Almighty. As whatever happens it happens for some good. :)

  3. You've got to trust yourself with them, why would you want to trust anyone else with your decisions?

  4. There is no such thing as choices you don't need.

  5. Today is anytime more important than yesterday or tomorrow.Things will happen in a way they have to..we can never stop or change that!
    I wish you make the right choice this time...and I hope you rcv atleast this comment of mine :-P

  6. I am not a good decision maker, so choice is confusing for me :(

  7. hmmmmm dear it is easy to choose between two thing more difficult to find out one thing between more than two take it only two thing and find out the best one...

    Take care

  8. @Chandana,
    It always turns out well in the end. It did.

    Not too sure about Almighty, but I do believe in myself. It happened for good yes :)

    I do. Always only I will. I made the right choice.

    True. It is all about prioritising them.

    I hope I have made the right choice here. Finally I get this :)

    I wasn't earlier. But you learn with time. I did, you will too.

    It tough, but I will make it through. Thank you :)


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