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Just for Today

Just for today
Can we forget the mess
Would you hold me tight
Just once please say yes

Lets let go of the world
Come we shall celebrate this day
Forget the white and the black
Just for today lets turn gray

For a while ignore the requiem
Just chant your wonderful song
Get your voice to grace my ears
I'll pester the effect to stay long

We have been there before
The feeling is nothing new
I want to feel the goose bumps
Just for today let me touch you

Lets smile together holding hands
Its your day that I want to share
Don't push me away as yet
Just for today I want to be there

All the bottled up emotions
Today it wants to come rushing out
Why don't we let it flood
Today let us enjoy this tiny love bout

Go on press the pause button
Let us get the feelings to surge
Lets not think about tomorrow
Just for today let us merge

Let us get our lips together
Lets feel the heat and come near
Just for today let us live
I may not be around the next year


  1. am always at a loss for words when i read your poems.. i want to comment but no words seem to be able to describe what i feel when i read... so this is the best i can do!

    Its brilliant..!

  2. "I may not be around the next year" - so true!

  3. I Love these Line....."Let us get our lips together
    Lets feel the heat and come near
    Just for today let us live
    I may not be around the next year"

    Jai Ho Mangalmay Ho

    Plz read my blog...i hope my post relates somewhere something!!

  4. Stay away from my window
    Stay away from my back door too
    Disconnect the telephone line
    Relax baby and draw that blind

    A lot has changed while I was engrossed with my exams... just like the last time I ran slack.
    But I am loving it, again.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. Lovely read.
    We often loose track of life while living..

  6. @Chandana,
    How sweet! Thank you so much girl :)

    Very true!

    I usually leave the best for the last stanza. Glad you liked it.

    Welcome back! I seriously missed your comments. I thought the way you ran slack, you might never come back :P. I'm glad you liked this one :)

    Thank you. Oh yeah, tell me about it!

  7. I had my finals going on. And you seem to be see-sawing between emotions.
    Am happy that you are considering quitting smoking, do. :)
    All will be alright.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. @BA,
    I hope your exams went well then. Ah my emotions! They get complex by the day. Considering yes, reduced for now atleast. Will quit very soon.
    Everything has to be alright :)


  9. I could not locate your blog when u visited mine for the first time...Now I found u here...

    Great blog u have...

    Very heart-felt post! :)

  10. @Gowthami,
    Thank you for visiting. You have a great blog out there too :)



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