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One, two, three. Here we go. I want to post this before I end up getting too high and venting out crap. I'm only writing this because something inside me is not letting me stay still. I'm thrillfully happy today. It had been ages since I've felt this way. First, my hardwork finally paid off and now when I see my work flow so smoothly and beautifully I feel proud. Second, I got a zillion compliments today on the way I looked. Even though a few bitches turned green, it only added to the exhilaration. Third, striking realisation: I can feel again. Duh, obviously for someone else. This close friend * cough * of mine turned the whole of me green by talking about this particular chick. I kept nodding and listening but the inside of my head was screaming 'Stay away from him you bitch. He's mine'. The jealously and sulking lasted for a good 20 minutes until I saw her. Then it all went poof! Reason? I'm way hotter than her ;) Atleast now I know that I can feel for so


Today clearly has been one of the many worst days of my life. When last weekend turned out to be 'Oh so wonderful' a part of me told myself that this is just the silence before the storm. And it was. Presenting today! For over a month I've worked my ass off on a new project. Since I had just changed processes at work, this was my first biggie. I toiled day in and day out, lost count of time, ignored my health, refused to get a haircut, cancelled a vacation, burned a million cigarettes, found absolutely no time to have a drink, did not meet my friends, did not watch Bheja Fry 2 and did not shop! I saved as much time as I could to finish my work before today's deadline. And I did it! Last night I finished the final thread and all I had to do today was to go to work and happily send a mail. Trust me, I had it composed in my head. Then came the storm. After having worked till 3 am I woke up today at 8 hoping to reach office early to get rid of this stuff forever. I was feel


Its been six years and nothing has changed. The feelings, the memories, the places, the thoughts, the insanity, the want, the hunger, the wait, the love. Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed apart from the fact that we no longer see or talk to each other.

Right back at ya

Work is fucked up, stress is at its peak, love life is on a turbulent and adventurous high, thronged by past memories, wrongs seems to be overtaking the rights(yet no guilt felt, not even a tad bit), friends moving away, opposite sex friendships going kaput, no me time what so ever; yet today I'm the happiest person on earth. Its such a thrill to get back at someone, isn't it? No, this is not someone who hurt me badly and I wanted to drink his blood kinda revenge. This was something silly, something juvenile, something based on love and hate. Someone said 'Hit where it hurts the most'. More often than not its the heart. Strike target. Bull's eye! I hurt you because you deserved it. My di always tells me to treat people the way they treat you. I never ever listen to her, but this, I now firmly believe in. Life gives you back what you give, and so will I. Karma it is.


Each time my mind goes blank Your presence is felt more Filling me with happiness and grief Troubling and curdling my core Do you ever think of me Of all the times that we met Does this ever cross your mind Together when we laughed and wept I know now there is no wait But it sometimes is tough to accept I don't know what is it about you You my love, are hard to forget You're like the cool breeze That infuses life back into me You're also like the painful drug Without which nothing else I can see As the fateful day I dread Seems to come near and near You completely take over me Leaving me in agony and fear Do you also go through this Do you feel the same things What do you call that feeling That each memory of us brings I'm amazed by your distance How do you manage to stay away Why do you prefer to stay mute Is there nothing you want to say Don't you have to fight the urge To pick up the phone and make the call You seem like a mystery to me now Probably I never knew

True Lies

I never want to go back there. Never ever. And so the crush crashed today. Point blank, within a second. When you start to find someone attractive, you tend to ignore the small irregularities, negatives and their individual opinions. But again, only to a certain extent. Today I figured out the threshold I had for this certain someone and now I find him the ugliest thing ever. The minute this happened I rushed to the washroom at work and laughed my heart out. Who was I kidding? I feel nice now. Free. Just thinking, it is so easy to lie at times right. Rather than give a whole explanation about something, just finish it off in a single phrase. Be it a lie or so. 'Why are you late?' ~ Had to stay back at work. 'Does this dress suit me?' ~ Yeah. 'Is he more important than me?' ~ No. 'Did you smoke again?' ~ No, just passed by the zone. 'Does it make a difference to you?' ~ Not anymore. Lies fascinate me. Its so simple and spontaneous, just like the f

Find the Answers

Yesterday, this friend of mine came up to me wanting to confess something. He's this goody goody sorts of person so I was wondering what it was. " Shoot ", I said. "Well, just promise you want laugh" " I won't, I promise " "Remember when I asked you out last week?" " Hmmm yeah " "I actually googled on ways to propose to a Leo woman before I did that" Of course I couldn't keep the promise. I blurted out laughing, only because I felt that the confession was so cute and naive. " It obviously didn't work, did it? " "Naah, Google is crap" I agreed with him then. Today, I googled on ways to get over a man. The answer I found was ' another man '. Seems about right. Beginning to trust google again.