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Yesterday, this friend of mine came up to me wanting to confess something. He's this goody goody sorts of person so I was wondering what it was.

"Shoot", I said.

"Well, just promise you want laugh"

"I won't, I promise"

"Remember when I asked you out last week?"

"Hmmm yeah"

"I actually googled on ways to propose to a Leo woman before I did that"

Of course I couldn't keep the promise. I blurted out laughing, only because I felt that the confession was so cute and naive.

"It obviously didn't work, did it?"

"Naah, Google is crap"

I agreed with him then.

Today, I googled on ways to get over a man. The answer I found was 'another man'. Seems about right. Beginning to trust google again.


  1. another man? that's a complete crap actually

  2. Google only gives all possible options, but one should be wise to pick the right answer.

    Cheers to Google for giving you 'that' answer :o)

  3. Hehe...I too go to google for all the answers. As for the answer you got, I dont know. The right man, yes. But another wrong one and we have a problem :|

  4. Google never could find Chuck Norris, how do you expect it to answer all questions correctly? :P

    BTW, I am not totally against your view, try clicking here. In google we trust (almost) :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. well... I google more silly matters than does helps sometimes ;)

  6. @Rachit,
    Try to get the pun intended :)

    You actually think I picked that. If I had to I would have done that long ago. Sense the sarcasm :)

    No more men for sure. Right or wrong. I still believe google is crap in these regards.

    I thought atleast you will get the sarcasm involved in the post. Sigh! Trust? Yeah, not yet! :)

    @Al-ain Rose,
    It helps me only in matters of technology. The rest, crap!


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