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Screw you July & a promise to August

I have something against the month of July. Or rather July has something against me. Everything in life gets so screwed in this particular month that I feel that life sucks and there is no room for improvement. Well its a different thing that the feeling lasts only till about the last week of the month and then things begin to slightly improve. But while that terrible July phase lasts, its nerve wrecking. July 2008 - The first cracks began to appear in my relationship finally resulting in impending doom. July 2009 - Battling the peak of clinical depression. July 2010 - Diagnosed with symptoms of chickengunya, read low blood pressure, low platelet and haemoglobin count, joint pains and acute anaemia. These pop up every now and then taking my whole petite system down. July 2011 - A repeat telecast of 2010, with hospitalisation and needles in and out of me. If that was not bad enough, things got so bad at work that I was on the verge of losing my mind. Just when I was about to totally cro

Love aaj Kal

Naah this is not a review of that crappy movie. Actually the movie was good enough, but was eerily similar to my life story so I chose to not like it. I've been wanting to write about this for quite sometime now. Although I had sworn to myself to never write about love again, today I feel like it. I spent almost all of my college life being in a relationship, like most of us do. It gives a weird thrill and honestly it is an 'in' thing during college life. What happens after that nobody really cares. But that love was the best phase of life. Juvenile maybe, but it was beautiful. Bunking classes to meet, stolen kisses, careless whispers and what not. Sigh, that was life. That was love. But look at what has happened to love now. People now seem to make a mockery out of it. Infidelity, affairs, friends with benefits, open relationships, casual dating and flings seem to rule and work. The way my relationship ended turned me into a commitment phobe. Its always nice to have someon

Lets talk

Him: You know if there is one thing that I hate about you, its your guts. Me: You know I was thinking on the same lines. Him: Really? Me: Yeah. You lack a lot of things. The most important thing happens to be that. Guts. Her: I wonder why we can never get along. Probably its because you are a bitch. Me: Yeah, I'm kinda forced to agree. I've read somewhere that bitches and whores never mix. Him: Delhi is beautiful. Its one the best places I've been to. Its heaven. You are missing out on something. You seem to be listening, but do you understand is the question. Me: Ofcourse I understand. Do I care is the question. Her: He's perfect for me. I love him so much. Its sad you'll never know how it feels. Me: Yeah. Every first timer thinks just like you. Him: You missed out on a pristine untouched beauty. Me: I don't know or care about the pristine and untouched part. But beauty I seriously beg to differ. Her: Its over. Stop mourning will you? Me: When did you die? Him:

Love vs Passion

Everything seems so different As I wake up next to you Last night was meant to happen One thing that both of us knew There is a smile on us both Its all wrong but seems so right The birds seem to chant a tune The sun seems to shine more bright It may have been hunger and thirst But every touch cast a spell A splash of feelings strike me hard Is love included I can't tell Your hands ruffle my hair As it begins to slightly rain It all seems so neat and perfect Washing away the guilt and the pain Is this magic only for now Will this moment ever repeat We both seem to nod a yes As we cuddle in each others heat You look deep into my blackened eyes Is that love that I see? No please don't do that to me For me, love it can never be Why don't we just live this day Let us untie all the strings I just want to lie with you As you breathe out our smoke rings When you reach for my lips My toes curl and I feel a chill As you sniff down my neck My bloods warms up with the thrill You infus

Its been a Good day

Yay! Today has been a real good day for me. First, because its my best friend Priya's birthday. Second, my blog hit a 100 followers. Third, I got my first blog award. I'm ecstatic. I'll start with the award first. Thank you so much alchemist for this. You have been wonderful and kind with your comments and advices. You are one of the very few people who tend to see the real me in my posts. Your blog ' At the crossroads ' is very special to me. Mostly because I find myself standing there more than half of the times wondering which side to go. Your posts infuse the right sense into me and more often than not leaves me smiling. Thanks a lot for everything. This is my first ever award! I've been writing for more than two years now and its been a regular part of my life. Well with rewards come responsibilities they say. The conditions that come with this award are: 1. Write a post displaying the award, which is what we are doing here. 2. Write three good things about

So damaged, So numb