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First smoke in 5 days and finally there is a smile on my face. Phew! Now I feel alive. With my best friend asking me to give up smoking as her birthday gift, I'm in a really tight spot. Need to do some serious thinking about it though. Atleast to make her happy.

Its been a week and I haven't been out of home except for the to and fro visits to the hospital and the blood check up clinic. A week? The last I remember staying at home for more than 4 hours during the day time was more than 5 years ago. I absolutely am not a homebody. I hate being clumped up at home, almost feel claustrophobic. To think of it I have another 10 days to go. But now its high time I pull up my socks and do something productive.

My manager finally agreed to let me out of the fucked up project I was working on which squeezed out every ounce of my blood. Literally. By the end of next month we should be free and I can actually use the phrase 'I'm between jobs' when someone asks me what I do. No, I'm not quitting the IT crap as yet but will be out of a project and it will give me sufficient time to plan my next move. Good thing is I'll still be getting paid :). I've got a writing job offer from a good magazine, but the pay is less than half of what I make here. Seriously, do people think that creativity is that cheap? Comeon, it takes a lot than coding and testing to get words into motion.

I've always wanted to do something creative. I'd make a great love card writer right? How much does that pay? If I move to another IT firm, I'd easily make more than double of what I'm making here, but I have absolutely no enthusiasm to do that. I need a job that makes me happy and gives me the urge to wake up and go to it everyday without sulking. If only it was that easy. So during this short sabbatical, this is what I need to figure out. A huge decision. And I was supposed to be stress free and relax. Bleh! What's that now?

I'm bored people. I'm tired of accepting a million calls about how I'm doing. Its makes me feel nice though that so many people care :). One good thing is that I've caught back on my reading. I finished six Danielle Steel books in four days. Man, I so love her writing. Its easy, simple and I can easily relate to it. Half way down the seventh now. Well, that's it for now then. I'm off to meet my friend and get some fresh air. Seriously need some life infused into me.


  1. hopefully u r fighting gud with the low bp thing. another bench season in the cards? :P enjoi ur time out f the project. chill madi

  2. people do think creativity is everyone's play.. yet half of them can't really make it through.

    Weakest LINK

    Thats the only solution i see
    And i guess the IT industry is just squeezing even the last ounce of energy and patience from u!

  4. Get well soon babe & goodluck with your new venture, whateva it will be, m sure u'll do good! :)

  5. You should take your time to decide whether you need to switch your profession or you need to switch your company.
    I guess a switch is needed irrespective of whatever path you choose. I think you may already have enough professional connections to plan your switch in IT and even if I could be of some help in that case.

    Anyways, take your time to decide :)

  6. @sawan,
    My first bench season after three years of slogging. can't wait to enjoy that. Thanks :)

    I hope you are not insulting me here :P

    @Red Handed,
    It is!! Weighing the other options before I can get out.

    Thank you so much babe. You have been lovely :)

    One week is all I have to decide. Serious thinking going on! That's so sweet of you. I do have quite some connections and will surely appreciate the help you can provide.
    Thank you so much :)

  7. Soums, nothing is permanent in this world but change. Whatever that would make you have go for it ,don be afraid to try new things anyways your still young and very talented.
    You have and got all the chances in this world a long way to go..
    Yes, your best in writing go for that! Hugs..

  8. u r a mover nn shaker... js feel free to pump it out.. but hey do tgc of ur health... brave girl

  9. @Angel,
    Thanks for the support, means a lot to me!

    Hahaha thanks man :)


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