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Its never easy to let go

When three of the best looking males in the country come under one frame all you can expect is magic and oodles of charisma. You do get it, but are soon left craving for more. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara does have the chutzpah but doesn't live up to what it promised.

Abhay aka Kabir is soon to get married and takes his best friends Imraan(Farhan) and Arjun(Hrithik) on a road trip to Spain to celebrate his not so long lasting bachelorhood. The movie is a visual treat with the locales of Spain eating up into the story. Each one of the three is carrying some baggage and how they come over it forms the rest of the story. Katrina and Kalki in itsy bitsy roles add warmth, but are left luke warm. Is it always necessary that a girl and a guy have to get paired up at the end of a movie?

The chemistry between Hrithik and Katrina had been so spoken about that I was actually expecting a huge volume of spark. Was majorly disappointed. They were out there to prove that two goodlooking people need not have to strike the right chord all the time. It did not match up even to one percent of what Vidya Balan and apna Circuit shared in Ishqiya. That was passion. That was chemistry. Kalki is good as the uptight bitch and Abhay seemed to suffer from a hangover of Honeymoon travels. The movie tries to ape Dil Chahta Hai in every possible way including the tension between two of the leading characters.

The movie is a tad bit long and I found it painfully slow. A 30 minute cut would have done wonders to it. The movie tells us to let go of our fears and live life to the max. Well, everyone wants to do that, but not all of us can afford to do it. Katrina tells Hrithik that money is not everything in life, breathing is. If that was the case, what was it that got him on a holiday to Spain to go deep sea and sky diving? I don't think it was just mere breathing. Not all of us can afford to throw a Blackberry out of a moving car into the bushes and act nonchalant about it. It might seem like fun, but is it?

Farhan is supposed to be the jester of the group but his jokes and idioms irritate you instead of getting a laugh. The issue of one best friend stealing the others girl friend is handled so lightly that I found it unintentionally funny. If it was me I'd have written the other person off in no time. But well, it wasn't me here so it was all happys endings. A few good pointers from this.

~ Hrithik looks delicious. Farhan a bit geeky like but he needs to live up to the character of a writer he plays. Abhay looks sleek and sexy as he always does.
~ Running with the bulls in the climax was just kick ass. I have read about this festival of Pamplona in various books and was glad to see it.
~ Katrina looks absolutely stunning in her first scene, but tries too hard to blend with the boys throughout the rest of the movie.
~ The songs 'Senorita' and 'Khawabon ke Parindey' manage the desired effect. Not too much to say about the rest of the music.
~ The poetry in Farhan's voice that comes in at regular intervals was simply awesome. 'Zinda ho tum' was near perfect.
~ Red wine has been amply used in every dinner scene. Made me buy two bottles on my way back.

Nothing else to say about ZNMD. Its a nice movie with its heart at the right place. But it failed to strike the right chord within me. Its always easy to say, but letting go has and never will be easy.


  1. Your review makes me think of this movie as 'much ado about nothing' :D

    I don't think I'd watch it at the earliest.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Was planning to watch this... although it doesnt sound that great, i still think ill watch it. At least to dream about a vacation in spain!

  3. I've heard that the story line hasn't lived up to the expectations & your reviews are like cherry on the cake but again anything for Abhay! He is super hot ya! : P

  4. Thanks for the review. I am think I shall pass watching this movie for now.

    btw, would you be interested to be tagged for this award
    I would love to pass on this award asap :)

  5. @BA,
    It pretty much sucks to be honest. Take your time :)

    Oh yeah, the Spanish locales are worth the watch. Its splendid!

    Oh yeah Abhay! He's awesome in the movie. Story line, well nothing much to talk about it.

    You can watch it one time if you wish. Thanks for the tag, will post soon :)

  6. Great, so my list of bloggers to pass on the award, has got a start :)

    Updated your name in it as the first entry.

  7. U r blog is very good soms.. had not seen it.. u really write well...U can consider this carrer :)

  8. @alchemist,
    Thank you so much for the award. My first too :)

    Thank you so much Kulli. Considering it :)

  9. I read it now, so sorry for the late comment, but, here I am. The blogpost makes a nice read and sums up for the entire movie. Even I thought that the fight between Farhan and Hrithik was underrated. girlfriend chori ki thi yaar! And Dil Chahta Hai is epic, ZNMD was nowhere near, but it was good! Also Farhan's poems made me go melloe, which is tough! All in all, makes a nice watch for just one time! :D
    Also, now following your lively blog! :D

  10. @Paanipuri Lover,
    You know I so love your name!! :)
    Partner ki chori, I know and it was just forgiven like that? Main hoti toh maar daalti :)

    Thanks for following and welcome!! :)

  11. Oh, I love this movie and watch it (If I can) every time I catch it running. It feels like life! Like breath of fresh air. Freedom, brilliantly defined. Beauty, captured wonderfully!


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