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Just when I thought I was the only one good with words, atleast amongst my friends, this happened.

After a tired and literally fucked up day I was sitting and having a drink with my friend. There was a sudden beep on my phone. A message. "Started my wedding shopping today. Bought a lot of stuff. Super excited!". My best friend. Sorry, soon to be married best friend.

Me: Kya yaar, sab koi shaadi kar raha hai. I'll be 25 next month. Sigh, I don't think I'm even close to all of that.

Him: Ofcourse you are close. I'm sitting so close to you, no tension main hoon na.

Me: Damn, not again.

Him: Always and forever.

Then the unexpected fun began. I started.

Tu hai gawar aur main sophisticated lass
Ladke mein muje chaiye class

I love you re, bas hoja bindaas
Main hu rum toh tu hai meri glass

Rum nahi, tu toh hai chipku gum
Afsos kabhi na mil payenge hum

Bas mere paas aaja sanam
Life mein kabhi na hoga gham

Boss, main toh karti hu kisi aur se pyaar
Jitna bhi bolo milega bas inkaar

No bhi kabhi ban sakta hai ikraar
Main karunga pyaar, tu karna takraar

I honestly went all 'Awwww..' after this. But I am not the one to give up.

Ab bas kar ye baatein bekaar
Chup hoja warna padega maar

Maar bhi teri lagegi jaise kiss
Ban ja meri Mrs warna reh jayegi Miss

Sherni hu, par kar sakti hu hiss
One more word aur hogi teri tain tain phiss

Hum hai Ranbir aur hum hi hai Salman
Haan bol de, ab baat meri maan

Okay stop it, I'm getting bored
Lets leave now, its getting cold

Cold is not an option when you're this hot
Baith, lets leave after having a shot

Don't think I'm the one to lose
I'm the shot and you the plain juice

Dekhle ab tu mera pyaar
You win, maanta hu main haar

We laughed non stop for 20 minutes after this.

It was not the drinks, it was us
Just friends, cheering each other up

But the question is, can it remain just that? Always and forever? A tiny part of me screams out yes. The rest of me shudders.


  1. Baaton me kya rakha hai meri jaan
    Haar maan ya jeet maan! Aha.. Wink Wink! :P
    Trembling won’t solve your problem. Live for what you have today!


  2. touch wood...

    loveliee friendship./..

  3. Hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhhahaha

    I can't stop laughing, perhaps, I'll stop typing :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. awww........this is soooo sooo cute!
    This is what friends are for...isnt???
    Aren't we lucky to have atleast one person in our life whom we know will make us smile even in worst of conditions!

  5. Friends fix you when lovers leave. Never mix them together.

  6. @Sonia,
    Hahaha that was good too, I'll try that next time :P
    Lived the moment, loved it!

    Touchwood seriously!

    Good you stopped :P

    Cute na? This is what friends are for!! But that's all I want from this, just friends.
    Lets see how it goes.

    @The Lover,
    Very true. If only guys would get that too.

  7. hahahahahaha

    yar this was brilliant ! first genuine thing that I have read in months..very nice...and you have a beautiful blog too!


  8. @Mishi,
    Welcome to my blog and thank you so much :)


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