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It rained all Night

The below post is a hybrid mix of truth, fantasy and fiction.

Boredom was killing me and he was not the one to just let me stay bored. Or alone. Five minutes after the trivial fight we had about me not wanting to see his face again, he called back. Half an hour later he picked me up and we were on our way to our favorite place. The best part about us is that no matter how much we fight or yell, when we come together everything else is forgotten. It is just me and him. Us. He psyches me out to no end and raises my temper beyond any limit. I slap him, kick him, punch him, hit him and he dutifully bears it with a smile. He twists my hands occasionally only to kiss me at the end. Whatever you call this, this is the kind of relationship we share.

As we were on our way it suddenly began to rain. Softly at first and then came the piercing heavy drops. We stopped and ran to a shed for shelter. We were half wet by the time we got there. There were about a dozen people there already, each trying to dry themselves as much as they could. It was cold, really cold. I struggled with my wet hair as I suddenly looked up.

Then the world stopped spinning.

I've seen him a million times before, but today I actually saw him. All wet, struggling to blink, he looked so gorgeous in the dim fading light. Suddenly I felt all obsessed, like a child with a shiny object. I know he is a killer, but when you are best buddies you tend to over look all this and take the person for granted. But at this instant, it was different. I suddenly felt the urge to be near him. His wet hair slid carelessly along his forehead, as he was hurriedly trying to protect his phone dodged in his now soaked pocket. A drop of rain clung to his lower lip refusing to let go. I was thrilled and for a split second I wished that we were alone. My peripheral vision flashed a different face and distracted me. I closed my eyes, wiped it out and reopened back to him.

I suddenly felt oblivious to the crowd. My eyes were fixated on him refusing to pay heed to my heart. Temptation was inviting me and the whole universe seemed to be chanting a new song. Our song. I stood still, unable to take my eyes off him. He looked at me now and caught my eye. They held their place. No, I wasn't embarrassed. I told you, that's the kind of relationship we share.

Are you staring at me? He asked.

Yes. I said. I can't lie, you guys know that.


I don't know.

He smiled and came closer to flick a strand of my hair behind my ear. I felt goosebumps all over me. It was madness, what on earth was happening. The jerk of goose bumps made me look away. He held my hand tight and waited for the rain to subside. I felt a pang of unease. I haven't felt this way in a long time. The rain Gods agreed to settle for a soft drizzle and we left. I could feel his mind racing too. Not a word was spoken until we reached our place. I was feeling hazy. For once I wished that I was drunk, so that I could blame something else for what I was feeling. But I was on my way from work so that was way out of question. As troublesome as it was, I did not want the feelings to stop.

We sat there talking and laughing, still none of us erasing from our minds what had happened a few minutes ago. That's the thing I hate the most about him. Whatever happens, he makes me feel so comfortable. There is never any awkwardness between us. Its been a long time now and we have still been the same. As the night seemed to come to an end, he held my hand and looked deep into my eyes.

You know, right? He asked. Rather said.

I know. I confirmed.

And then it began to rain.


  1. A Lovely Well Narrated hybrid mix of truth, fantasy and fiction post :)


  2. I am not the kind of person who saws AWWWW...but if this is a true story then honey a biiig AWWWWW frm me!
    I love the relationship you guys are sharing..Beautiful!

  3. Lovely!

    I wish it would rain all night... the kind of rain that you had ;)
    Ahhh... life is complicated much

  4. "..And then it began to rain."

    That's my fav kind of ending.. you know. :)
    One of very first posts about my personal life ended like that.. It seems like such a long long time ago now. Sigh.

  5. I think I've said this before too... Let it rain

    Beautiful story, err narrative.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. nice writing this one... liked it :)

  7. hi,

    you are tagged here!


  8. ahh...the taking with the eyes.
    beautiful post..glad that it mentions that it is part fiction...leaves us all guessing what part is and what part isn't.

  9. loved reading it :)

    I hope someday this post would reflect not an hybrid of fact and fiction, but just facts in your real life :)

  10. I love this.. And the romantic in me hopes its entirely real :) :)

  11. I don't know what to say. Even if it was fiction, it was just so real. The reality of emotions and the way you poured them down, I must say it is one of those posts i will keep saved in my PC for long and keep writing it every now and then cause its all so Magical. :)

    Loved it. Like completely.

  12. @Kunnu,
    Thank you :)

    @Red Handed,
    It is beautiful :). Thank you.

    It can rain if you don't run away from the clouds. Thanks Chandana :)

    @Ice Maiden,
    I guess this is a beginning for me too :)

    You did. Thank you :)

    @Muhammed Israr,
    Thank you so much :)

    @The Meditating Lion,
    Thank you :)

    @Gowthami Nandigala,
    Thanks for the award :)

    Keep guessing. Thank you :)

    I hope so too. Thank you so much :)

    Most of it is. Thank you :)

    Awww, thank you so much :)

  13. I'm picturing all this in my head and it makes me sigh.

    And the him looking gorgeous in rain part, so damn true.. makes me sigh even more.

  14. Erotic this post was! :)
    From the words to the relationship to the astonishing description, I feel like reading it over and and over again! :)
    Shared on Fb :)

    Love, Risha :)

  15. Sweety, I haven't read much of your work but this post certainly yells at me that how talented you are :)
    I'm drowned in this rain of love :)

    Keep your man safe, I'm sure there are a lot of girls dreaming of him right now :D (that is, in case I'm mentioning the truth part of the hybrid) ;)

  16. Yet another talented article by my talented girl :D
    Gosh ! I wonder when I will be a part of such stories :P
    Ummmahh..u rock ! ;)

  17. @Priyanka,
    Thanks babe <3

    @Risha Kalra,
    Erotic? :)
    Thank you so so much :)

    Thank you so much for visiting :)
    I'll try my best to keep him safe. He's mine after all :D

    Toh ye comment tha? :P
    Thank you so much. Ummmaaah to you too :)

  18. very nicely written...makes me go 'aawwww' really :D let it rain....
    just a suggestion - The font colour u r using is a little dull..makes it difficult to concentrate at times especially on long posts. U can loose on readers' due to this..else, a lovely blog :)


  19. @subtlescribbler,
    Thank you so much. Will try to adjust the font color for sure. Thanks again :)

    @Grace Personified,
    Ahh good for you :)

    @Confessions of a wall flower,
    Thank you :)

  20. moved me...what a beautiful piece ! Feels like am reading a novel ,so eager to know what's the next thing to happen. i felt am losing my senses when i read it corrupted me !

  21. @Angel,
    Hahaha what do I say to that? You're welcome? :)

  22. Soumya,

    Facts, Fantasy and Fiction merge into each other without one realising. Well narrated.

    Take care


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