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Let it Rain

I thought it would be different. It was not. I thought I'd be uncomfortable. I was not. I thought I wont like it. I did. I thought I'd feel guilty. I did not. I thought it was not important. It was. I thought I'd hurt him. I did not. I thought I'll hurt myself. I did not. I thought his feelings don't matter. It did. I thought I was right about never having feelings for anyone else. I was not. I thought I'd never understand. I did. I thought he'd never understand. He did. I thought I'd regret this. I do not. I thought I'd never want this to happen again. I want. I thought it won't rain.

It did.


  1. Basically we think wrong about most things.

    Love the contradictions.

  2. Hmmm although short but very practical and convey the right message to all lovers .

    by the way what kind of rain it is ;)

  3. Beautiful...I love it and after commenting I'm reading it again...:)

  4. Great Lines...written by a Love struck person.
    Beautiful it was.
    Like Priyanka said..Love is full of contradictions.

  5. I cant write here how much I loved reading this. :)

  6. loved the way u represnted.

  7. So true.. In my case, I even thought i should stop thinking.. but it dint work.

  8. Loving the way it is written. Even more loving what is written. :)
    our instincts sometimes are so screwed up.

  9. now that's putting it into words...beautiful:)

  10. Fall down, and was away my yesterday,
    I feel it's gonna rain for days,
    I feel tomorrow the sun will shine


    Let it rain girl, let it pour down.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. @Priyanka,
    True. Thank you :)

    @jassi the universal friend,
    Look at the above picture ;)

    @Saru Singhal,
    Thanks dear :)

    @Red Handed,
    Love struck? Don't scare me :P
    Thank you.

    @Ice Maiden,
    Aww thank you so much :)

    @some unspoken words,
    Thank you.

    Its not tough. Stop thinking and the right stuff strike you :)

    Super thanks :)

    Thank you so much :)
    Instincts are more often than not wrong.

    Thank you :)


    Its pouring :D

  12. Don't ask, Don't tell!
    Let it rain...Let it RAIN!

  13. very nice, da typical SOUMYA,...

    "tu kar aitbaar karaan intejaar tera... :) something like that

  14. @Bhargav,
    You know me well, don't you :)

  15. Reading this gave me goosebumps!!! Well written and so true..

    Belated wishes for your birthday and loved the blog!! Keep writing, cheers!

  16. @Divya Kamath Hundi,
    Thank you so much and a hearty welcome :)


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