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I don't know what will happen tomorrow. I'm not sure what I want from the future. Or the present. I have no expectations, no fantasies. No unfulfilled dreams, no yearnings. No pain, no guilt.

This might have been a mistake, but its the most beautiful mistake of my life. The only thing that I have learnt from this mistake is that, this is something that I want to do again and again. Today, tomorrow or years later, when I look back at whatever this is I'd still feel the same. The same rush, the same thrill, the same you and the same me. There will be only one thing that is happily missing. Regret.

Uncertainty has never looked this attractive, and I'm in love with it.


  1. Cheers to that. Very few people can say this about their lives.

  2. Aaah uncertainty is what makes life so thrilling!
    About regret, well i look back, i know i have lived my life right.

  3. The thrill of uncertainty, as you rightly said, is sometimes comforting!!

  4. sounds like you are on path of salvation :)

  5. Do what you feel in your heart to be right. Surprises come when we foster the life with a blend of uncertainty. Enjoy every moment of it. :)

  6. well said! I hope it turns well for you:)

  7. you know soumya, the mistakes i committed in life were the best decisions of my life....never felt as satisfied and happy....i still cherish the mud i rolled in...

    this is your time, enjoy it...why bother what life has in store for might as well learn something from you and stop acting like a bitch...

  8. I can't describe the happiness which runs through me when I read something as honest as this post. :)
    Life's all about living even to the tiniest bit, no matter if it gets uncretain at times, it's still the moment you gonna cherish in years to come!

    Love, ~Moonlight~

    P.S: Feels good to visit your blog after sucha long time! :)

  9. @PeeVee,
    Its all about accepting life. Cheers!

    It does na? Ditto with me.

    Comforting and thrilling.

    Almost there :)

    Basking in it for now :)

    Fingers crossed! :)

    It was? I hope it turns out that way for me too. Woaah, I just loved the last two lines. Seriously life needs to stop acting like a bitch, its facing a lioness out here :)

    After a long time? Kyu? :(
    Thank you for appreciating the honesty. I'll cherish it forever I'm sure.

  10. Ahhh... am currently in the same state.. of repeating that beautiful mistake again and again. And I am so happy and in love with it!
    For a change, I don't care about the future.. I dont have any regrets.. I dont feel guilty. I know this wont change even years later.
    Sorry to make this comment all about me.. but I could relate to what you wrote so much.
    Live in the moment Soumya.. Don't think of it as a mistake but as the best moments of ur life! :)

  11. @Chandana,
    Naah I'm so glad to see that you are so happy.
    Cheers girl! :)

  12. 'Uncertainty has never looked this attractive, and I'm in love with it'

    Are you? WOW.
    I don't know why I can't get myself to be that way. I'm just trying ..

  13. @Whuaat?,
    I am. Uncertainty is always beautiful. Its the certainty that ruins it.

  14. Uncertainty is something which makes the whole journey of life very exciting..

    P.S. Love your writing style.. Now I shall be your 161st follower in shining armor.. Oopss you get it right? ;) :D

  15. @confused soul,
    It does, it surely does.
    I don't see a 161st shining follower yet :P

  16. The last line was beautiful. Contradictions, paradoxes, uncertainty- all thee things do make us fall in love with them .. and I fell in love with this piece. :)

  17. @Cяystal,
    Uncertainty rocks!! Thanks :)

  18. in love?out of love???loving love?hating love....:-D That four letter word springs out of ur posts like BS Yedurappa does from newspaper nowadays....or like SRK pops out of every RaOne related ads these days..:-P talcum powder,volkswagen car,pepsodent toothpaste...u name it,he is there...:-D

  19. @Rahul,
    You seem to be echoing someone else's thought now :P
    I write about my life and if love plays a predominant role in it, I'd obviously write about it. SRK does it for money. I do it for, well, Love :D

  20. @KN.,
    I thought so too. Turns out I'm not!


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