For once, it all seems right.
For once, there are only smiles.
For once, the brain is not over exercised.
For once, there is happiness.
For once, there is contentment.
For once, there is understanding.
For once, there is comfort.
For once, there are true feelings.
For once, there is absolute pleasure.
For once, there is peace.
For once, it seems perfect.
For once, there is everything.
For once, this is exactly what I wanted.

This seems to be the answer to all my questions.

But, it can never happen. Not even for once.

Life's Good

A matter of Time

Pain, agony, more words I can use
A part of life is for getting hurt
How would you know the beauty of fire
If you don't get a little burnt

If there are smiles today
They may not be around tomorrow
No body can peek into the future
And predict their joys and sorrow

Nothing hurts more than love
But what is living without it
Its all about taking chances
Even if you end up hurt a bit

Like the smiles, the hurt won't last
Life is like a wave of sine
Somedays it is rock bottom crap
While at times it is sparkling wine

Hope and faith go a long way
Everything is temporary here
When living gets spent by the day
Why do you want to buy fear?

Paranoia is a birth right
Nobody can escape this one
Dusk always leads to dawn
No matter what, you still see the sun

Count life by the seconds
Look for happiness inside of you
Let aside the shabby past
Make room for the bright new

Time is a healthy medicine
Even if the doses are long
After the struggling battle
You emerge out more strong

Winning is not everything
Its the lesson you take
It ain't tough to sail in bad weather
If not a ship, a raft you shall make

It may be the worst phase ever
Life might be spilt into a scatter
It is all a matter of time
Someday, this will hardly matter

More of an Itch

I've always thought that some people were a colossal pain the neck. But now I have a much lower opinion of them.

I don't know why is it so hard for some people to mind their own business. Opinions are like ass holes. Everyone has one and it usually stinks. When I don't trouble others with my opinions then why should they? Believe me I have more opinions than one on everything around but that is only between me and me. I don't offer unnecessary advice, until asked. I don't poke my nose even into my loved ones lives. I know that they are sensible enough atleast to get past each day.

Sarcasm is my super power. I'm known to fabricate my words well enough so that it can be taken with a sense of humor. Well, if people don't get sarcasm then its a total waste of time. That's when the bluntness comes out and more often than not I end up being judged as rude. Well if you don't want a sarcastic answer, then please don't ask a stupid question.

Thanks to regular yoga and meditation I've managed to keep my anger under wraps very well. But at times no matter how patient you are, some people and things can still be a pain in the butt.

~ The pigeons on my neighbours roof which go 'Brrrr, brrrr, gttttrr, gtrrrr' at 5 am every morning. I've shooed them away n number of times. Now, I'm seriously considering getting myself a gun.

~ The annoying girl who is in love with my best friend and he doesn't give a damn. She hates me to the bone cos he is always with me. She never leaves a chance to give me an update on him and I try my best to act like I'm hearing it for the first time. Woman, I know him 500% more than you do. So please you can skip the notification bit. You only hear about it, but I get to see it.

~ My company bus driver who always stops the bus 10 feet away from where I'm standing. The next day if I stand 10 feet ahead, he stops at where I was standing the previous day. The crazy moron thinks that I don't work out and its his responsibility to get me to do some exercise by making me run back and forth the bus with my back pack.

~ My sister who always has to know everything about what is happening in my life. Whom I'm dating, where I am going and what I am doing. Where each guy in my life stands seems to be her favorite question which is asked like about 345678 times a day. I'm 25 years old, grown up enough to take care of my own life. Sigh, if only elders understood.

~ The newly married chick who sits opposite to my cubicle and talks mush to her husband on the speaker phone. I now know the intricate details of her marriage including the date, time, venue and their everyday plans and what she plans to do when her husband comes home every night. Talk about unwanted information.

~ My ex friend who seems to pop up at the worst of times asking me why don't I love him and what does 'he' have that he doesn't seem to. I once said 'me' to put an end to it forever. But some people as I said never get sarcasm, and the question is asked again and again.

~ The fool working in the next company who waits for me in the smoking zone and pesters me for my phone number everytime he sees me. I changed zones, did not help. He might just be the reason as to why I quit smoking.

~ My network at work which only seems to go down just as I'm about to click on the 'Submit' button. The damned site does not have a auto save feature which makes me redo the half n hour amount of work I just did.

~ The security watchman at my apartment gate who gives me weird looks each time my friend drops me home. Apparently he's been complaining to my parents that a so and so guy comes home to drop me and all that blah. WTF is his problem I don't know.

~ This friend of mine who is extremely caring but at times gets into the super mushy mode and starts calling me 'bachcha'. I don't know why, but that word annoys the hell outa me. 'Beta' is cute, but 'bachcha' is extremely creepy.

Such people/ things are like a leech stuck onto the butt draining life out of you slowly but steadily.