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More of an Itch

I've always thought that some people were a colossal pain the neck. But now I have a much lower opinion of them.

I don't know why is it so hard for some people to mind their own business. Opinions are like ass holes. Everyone has one and it usually stinks. When I don't trouble others with my opinions then why should they? Believe me I have more opinions than one on everything around but that is only between me and me. I don't offer unnecessary advice, until asked. I don't poke my nose even into my loved ones lives. I know that they are sensible enough atleast to get past each day.

Sarcasm is my super power. I'm known to fabricate my words well enough so that it can be taken with a sense of humor. Well, if people don't get sarcasm then its a total waste of time. That's when the bluntness comes out and more often than not I end up being judged as rude. Well if you don't want a sarcastic answer, then please don't ask a stupid question.

Thanks to regular yoga and meditation I've managed to keep my anger under wraps very well. But at times no matter how patient you are, some people and things can still be a pain in the butt.

~ The pigeons on my neighbours roof which go 'Brrrr, brrrr, gttttrr, gtrrrr' at 5 am every morning. I've shooed them away n number of times. Now, I'm seriously considering getting myself a gun.

~ The annoying girl who is in love with my best friend and he doesn't give a damn. She hates me to the bone cos he is always with me. She never leaves a chance to give me an update on him and I try my best to act like I'm hearing it for the first time. Woman, I know him 500% more than you do. So please you can skip the notification bit. You only hear about it, but I get to see it.

~ My company bus driver who always stops the bus 10 feet away from where I'm standing. The next day if I stand 10 feet ahead, he stops at where I was standing the previous day. The crazy moron thinks that I don't work out and its his responsibility to get me to do some exercise by making me run back and forth the bus with my back pack.

~ My sister who always has to know everything about what is happening in my life. Whom I'm dating, where I am going and what I am doing. Where each guy in my life stands seems to be her favorite question which is asked like about 345678 times a day. I'm 25 years old, grown up enough to take care of my own life. Sigh, if only elders understood.

~ The newly married chick who sits opposite to my cubicle and talks mush to her husband on the speaker phone. I now know the intricate details of her marriage including the date, time, venue and their everyday plans and what she plans to do when her husband comes home every night. Talk about unwanted information.

~ My ex friend who seems to pop up at the worst of times asking me why don't I love him and what does 'he' have that he doesn't seem to. I once said 'me' to put an end to it forever. But some people as I said never get sarcasm, and the question is asked again and again.

~ The fool working in the next company who waits for me in the smoking zone and pesters me for my phone number everytime he sees me. I changed zones, did not help. He might just be the reason as to why I quit smoking.

~ My network at work which only seems to go down just as I'm about to click on the 'Submit' button. The damned site does not have a auto save feature which makes me redo the half n hour amount of work I just did.

~ The security watchman at my apartment gate who gives me weird looks each time my friend drops me home. Apparently he's been complaining to my parents that a so and so guy comes home to drop me and all that blah. WTF is his problem I don't know.

~ This friend of mine who is extremely caring but at times gets into the super mushy mode and starts calling me 'bachcha'. I don't know why, but that word annoys the hell outa me. 'Beta' is cute, but 'bachcha' is extremely creepy.

Such people/ things are like a leech stuck onto the butt draining life out of you slowly but steadily.


  1. I was grossed out by that opinions are like assholes line:D And I loved it as well:D

    @ pigeons, oh COMEON!! They're cute na:(
    Don't mind me, I'm a sucker for animals:P

    @ The annoying girl who is in love with ur best friend, get rid of her asap before she goes into the Im-gonna-ruin-her-life mode like they show in movies. Or tell your friend to take her out:P

    @ Your company bus driver, :D tell him to either FO and stand where you are till he reverses or carry a lighter back pack.

    @ your sister, absolutely NOTHING we can do about family members. Just breathe and think about all the wonderful things she's done for you:)

    @ The newly married chick, you have the guts to, so go tell her to get a fucking room. They are annoying, period.

    @ Your ex friend, LOL, awesome answer. I suck with repartees, so I won't comment:D

    @ The fool, 'get a life' to this one:D But I'm sure he's doing you a favor with the smoking bit:P

    @ Network at work, gah. I GET it so much, you won't believe. Happens ALL the time. Now I'm paranoid about clicking submit, post, enter... whatnot.

    @ The security watchman, they ALL judge. ALL. Not worth even those three lines you typed out.

    @ This friend of yours, bacchaa, really?!:P No comments. I'm sure he means well.

    There, I'm back with a bang Madame:)
    But I swear I haven't missed one post, just didn't comment.

  2. it may be cause of da song in the background bt this is funny...

    PS: i dont knw whether that is the nicer reason or a worse reason to quit smoking :D

  3. Man!! Someone was pissed or ticked off when they wrote this. I am all for you buying a gun. :P Loan it to me. There are pigeons trying to have sex (I think) on my a.c. And no I am not jealous. I just want to sleep :p

    Well written angry post. Awesome vent.
    And most of them really need to take a hike. I dont mind lending a helping hand to kick their ass to a far distant less human land. :P

  4. LOL! Ex-friend and the fool made me laugh!
    And I hate girls who talk mush all.the.time. I can't stand it... and that too on speaker? Urrgghh!
    But what the hell is the watchman's problem?

  5. Okay so this post actually made me giggle.. So true, people an't mind their business and they keep trying to interfere.. For instance I've been in that best-friend scenario.. You need to do something about it. If sarcasm helps, go tell her you know, you don't need the frequent updates.. Elder sister! Well you can't do much, can you? They're always gonna be a little over-protective.. I was in splits reading the part of the newly married chic :P .. hehe go give her a wink and talk about :P .. As for the "bacha" part, I have nothing to say. It's okay to me when someone really close says it, but if it sounds too lovey-doveyish I teall them to stop, immediately (trying hard to keep the rude tone aside) :)

  6. quite true.. sometimes few people leave no stone upturn to annoy you... I reverberate by annoying them instead :P

  7. hehehe The pegiuns at your place are any day better than the crows at my place.
    Ditto about the bus!
    Watchman and his issues!!Seriously almost every chick goes thru this. Calling nicknames is one thing I hate!

  8. that was a good thing to read and i believe every other person has same kind of points perhaps in different way...
    I mean the unwanted opinions are the last thing one would love to hear but the reality is pretty different, it becomes the most frequent thing :)

    btw bachcha!!!! :P :P :P

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)
    sharan's thoughts

  9. Ranting-day it is on blogosphere and I am loving it...without any pun intended :D

    Tell me about sarcasm girl, the ones who get it, I wonder even if they get every bit of it. I can imagine how the smoker is eyeing you more than the last ciggi in his packet, they dig women who smoke and it can always get lonely in their smoking zones! I find women who smoke so HOT, I do not though :( I wish I was with you, we both could have been sutta times I so wish, lets just exchange our bloody lives...

    Kick the nightwatchman in the nuts...

    I am the one who had pigeons :D I used to keep rice in the balcony and every morning the birds used to pay a religious you have one reason to hate me :D


  10. And oh yeah, please record the newly weds telecon and we shall youtube it ;)

  11. *Hugs* I heart your sarcasm. ;) Won't ruin the sheer beauty of this 'itch' with a blabber mouth.

    Blessed be! :D

  12. OEmJee. That's a lot of people to be pissed from, ain't it? Though I nod my head at the suggestion of making it legal to kill certain people.
    And, oh ho, security watch man- Similar experience. *shakes head in dismay*
    Guess the best thing to do is Ignore. >_< until they make shooting legal of course.

  13. Wow, if I had these people in my life, I'd be pretty pissed off too xD Look on the bright side, you've quit smoking =P

  14. The person who came up with the 'Opinions are like assholes...' line should be given the Nobel Peace Prize because it keeps us from strangling these people to death.

    Being surrounded by such irritants makes the finer things in life stand out separately, doesn't it?

    For all you know, that's probably why the irritants would have been put there in the first place.

  15. @PeeVee,
    Glad your expert comments are back. You're way too mart for a 21 year old, hope you know that :)
    ~ Cute yeah. But the noises they make early in the morning is punishment for a so not a morning person. I like animals too. Yeah, with exceptions :)
    ~ I stopped talking to her. Friend couldn't care less.
    ~ FO I used like many times but dint help. My laptop needs to be carried everyday so cant even think of a lighter back pack.
    ~ Yeah :)
    ~ I've made so many sarcastic remarks around her but she still doesn't get it. I can't be rude to a complete stranger.
    ~ I'm proud of myself here :)
    ~ Damn, I miss smoking at work. May the fool rot in hell.
    ~ :(
    ~ Jobless moron who can't mind his own business.
    ~ He means well, but it gets on to my nerves. Atleast for that he needs to stop but doesn't.
    I believe you. You are welcome to visit and comment as per your choice and convenience.

    Funny? Nice :)
    P.S: I have quit just at work. But I more than seem to make up for it outside :D

    We have a shared gun deal lady :). Haha I can imagine the noises made by fornicating pigeons :P. Good luck to you.
    Venting always seems awesome oflate. Lets find a uninhabited planet first and then we'll start transporting. What say?

    I'm glad you did :). Mush? Ewww so not me. Watchman is gonna get killed soon. Really soon.

    @confused soul,
    I'm glad you understand! Its so annoying na. I mean I can't even talk to my friend in peace. Hmmmph! I've winked all the way ;). Its sweet I know, but when you've drawn lines, it sounds annoying.

    Tit for that eh? Damn, I can't stoop down to other peoples' levels. That's my problem.

  16. @Red,
    High five on that! Crows?? Poor you.

    Frequent things usually turn annoying. Bachcha? I'll kill you :-/

    @Chintu Singh,
    Ranting is fun na :D
    I like smoking alone, without any company. Helps me think. I'm game for the swapping lives plan! :D
    Nothing can make me hate you, you are a sweetheart :)
    Nice idea! Evilness kicking in :D

    Thanks sweetheart. Hugs :)

    Similar experience? My heart goes out to you now :). Ignoring works, but not all the time. Try ignoring an itch :P. By when do you think shooting shall be made legal? ;)

    If you say? I'm glad you don't have such pests in your life. Not quit lady, only at work. More than make up for it outside :P

    @Atrocious Scribblings,
    Hehehe tell me about it. This has been used before? I just came up with it today :P
    True, I guess. If I start looking into things with extreme optimism that is.

  17. Hello.
    Visiting from the group Bloggers.

    Now that you've got that off your chest, is there anything you're HAPPY about? (lol)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  18. Hahahahhahahhahahhahaha :) lot of running for you huh ?? the bus, smoking zone phone guy, tere best friend ki not happening girl friend.. :D :D
    agree with sarcasm part.. it hurts back when they take a few sarcastic remarks as genuine compliment :|
    nice post..!! feeling better after the rant ?? :D

  19. hahahaha... Soumya could you please thank that guy on my behalf! :P

  20. @Andy,
    Anything? I'm now happy about everything. Feels like a big burden has been lifted off me :)

    Aren't you a sweetheart :D, Hugs!!

    Way too much running :D. Thanks a lot, Feeling a lot lot better :D

    There's my lady :). Which guy? :P

  21. Oh My God! we all are same aren't we when it comes to opinions, i know how it feels when people poke their nose in our life. Its so irritating. Sarcasm is again easy for those who can understand it, but frankly speaking, its just a waste of time and mind using on mindless creatures around you, I have left it , as their stupid questions never leave you alone.. But girl continue with yoga and meditation , it really helps.. love

  22. Haha.. Glad to see a funny post, which reassures that you are really happy :D
    //I've always thought that some people were a colossal pain the neck. But now I have a much lower opinion of them. - Lower opinion? So not neck huh? :P

    //Opinions are like ass holes. Everyone has one and it usually stinks - :pees in the pants while laughing: So true !

    //I don't offer unnecessary advice, until asked. I don't poke my nose even into my loved ones lives - Ditto girl , ditto :D

    For rest of the post, gimme number of that bus driver :@ Why on the earth he thinks you need a workout? :S Your higher metabolism rate is sufficient to keep you in perfect shape ;) And I so wish I were there. We would have been the perfect sutta partners . Gosh, how badly I miss Bangalore :P

    P.S. Considering number of comments you receive, why don't you try the template that shows post on one side and allows to comment in the other box? I had to scroll back and forth , first to read the content and then to comment.

  23. You be you. People are idiots. And all men are evil. Minus best friends.

  24. I think I should give you a standing ovation for comparing 'opinions' with assholes, I mean seriously. :D

    -You are so right about the best friend's girl part. She does the same with me, well at times. Even told me once that she doesn't like me talking to him, i was like HELL WITH YOU BITCH. He's been my friend for ever 8 years now.
    -My close friend has started to irritate me by telling that i am NOT a girl but a modified form of a guy, and that annoys the shit out of me.
    -Tell your ex that you don't care if he lives or die, you just have found yourself a new reason to live now. TELL HIM, SOUMYA!
    -And about that auto save thing that you said, i think I actually can feel how it feels. Love blogger for one reason and that's its auto saving feature. :D

    Good job you are holding your anger in and letting it our through words than verbs!

  25. @Apurva,
    Thanks for visiting! And I so totally agree. Love!

    I am very very happy :D
    ~ Lower than the neck for sure :P
    ~ Pees in pants :O. The wedding is off! :P
    ~ Sure? You poked your way into my life :)
    ~ I handled the bus driver well don't worry :). Sutta partners? Yeah maybe, but I love to smoke alone and think. Would make an exception for you for sure :)

    Your wish, my command. Done :)

    Haha that's a feminist take but agree :)

    :D :D :D

    ~ Friends are friends. Lovers come in later. People need to accept that. And she is not even his girl for God's sake!!
    ~ Ewww, get that specimen out. NOW.
    ~ Ex friend. Told him a million times. Finally had to cut him off!
    ~ God bless blogspot!

    Its hard, but able to manage.


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