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The Miracle called 2011

And we're back!! :D No no I had not disappeared anywhere. 2011 has been so super duper good that I was just sitting back and watching life flow exactly the way I wanted it to. You may feel that I'm exaggerating but when you've lived a series of crappy years and then suddenly find everything going your way, the thrill is unexplainable. I've waited months and years to get this feeling and now that I'm here, I want to dwell here forever. Never ever looking back again. I've lived 25 years without any regret or guilt and this is how I shall live the rest of my life. 2011 has been the bestest year of my life. 2005 showed me the beauty of love and 2011 has taught me the importance of it. 2006 brought out the woman in me and 2011 showed me that its not bad to bring out the child in me at times. 2007 made me serious about life and 2011 taught me to take life with a pinch of salt. 2008 brought out patience in me and 2011 showed me how to implement it. 2009 made me cynical

Last Night

Last night, was true madness. Nothing on the mind except you. Every sense forgotten and all of it culminating into tiny bubbles of happiness. Like the prism of white that broke into droplets of colors bouncing along with the echos of our laughter. Last night, was sheer pleasure. Ecstasy would have been an understatement, the way you touched me. Driving me to crazy extremes wanting me to scream until I hear the clouds crack above me, breaking into a storm and covering the rising sun to reveal a rainbow that seems to cover the shame that eluded us. Last night, was meant to happen. The games, the need, the hide and seek was happening for way too long without even us realising it. Perhaps, the unknown feelings were built up in such a way that they had to erupt into hot lava soaking us and leaving us to witness the massive volcano called love. Last night, was intoxicating. Every word gave a high and every kiss blew my mind. Like wine you spread through my veins taking me for a stroll across

Did it Hurt?

The journey from friends to lovers To being all calm and then going wild Us was all that I wanted from life As together we laughed and smiled You my love, were my reason of being I gave up everything and myself for you Joy and happiness were only words Until you came and made life anew Then came the time I had to move away As your love and trust came crumbling down Day after day you kept punishing me Culminating colors into a filthy brown When in doubt why dint you let me go Why did you lock me within and shut the gate Even when we were making passionate love You seemed to be making hurtful hate Pain and anger you showered on me What not did I do to prove my love When your feelings were blinded by insecurity Why did you not discard me like a dirty glove When I walked out, it left you shocked What made you think torture I'd bear I may have loved you with heart and soul But love doesn't grow minus some care You then claimed to have moved on Told me stories about a prospective bri

Hope, Blessings & Crap

3 flights, 19 hours of travel, a 4 hour wait at the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai (which by the way, sucks to the core!), an hour wait at the beautiful and enormous Dubai International Airport, sleep deprived and jet lagged, I arrived at Accra. My home for the next 30 days. For those who don't know, Accra is the capital city of Ghana in West Africa. Not the place I had in mind for my first ever international travel, but after a week here I have no complaints. The place is beautiful in its own way and the Sterling group of hotels where I'm staying in, more than makes up for it. And so does the 6 figure income that I shall get out of this. The people here are extremely friendly and helpful. The city resembles Bangalore in every way with congested traffic and huge buildings. Minus the pricking hot weather during the day, I have nothing negative to say about this place. Until now atleast. I'm loving the place I stay, the people I meet and the work I'm doi