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Did it Hurt?

The journey from friends to lovers
To being all calm and then going wild
Us was all that I wanted from life
As together we laughed and smiled

You my love, were my reason of being
I gave up everything and myself for you
Joy and happiness were only words
Until you came and made life anew

Then came the time I had to move away
As your love and trust came crumbling down
Day after day you kept punishing me
Culminating colors into a filthy brown

When in doubt why dint you let me go
Why did you lock me within and shut the gate
Even when we were making passionate love
You seemed to be making hurtful hate

Pain and anger you showered on me
What not did I do to prove my love
When your feelings were blinded by insecurity
Why did you not discard me like a dirty glove

When I walked out, it left you shocked
What made you think torture I'd bear
I may have loved you with heart and soul
But love doesn't grow minus some care

You then claimed to have moved on
Told me stories about a prospective bride
Did you know what that put me through
I cried for days and then almost died

You kept coming back with the bait of love
Every time I attempted to survive
You were killing me from deep within
Keeping only my body alive

You were not mine but held me as yours
Amongst the hatred, loyalty was your seek
Just when I felt strong without you
You plunged right back in to make me weak

Years after years of destroying me
You came back to see the joy in the remains
It must have been disappointing I'm sure
Instead, when you saw new love in my veins

You said I robbed you of your love
And that all your feelings went in vain
The only thing that I stole from you
Is your pleasure of seeing me in pain

I'm sorry I dint let you watch me die
Instead I buried my love for you in dirt
Then you found out I'm with someone else
So tell me, did it hurt?


  1. Journey of love..for some its a beautiful one..for some its just a nightmare that they cant wait to end it
    ..sometimes its just too late to make a return

    I loved the last paragraph..there's a strength,shows that she survived

  2. It's beautiful but it makes me want to jump around nd yell 'In your face' to his face in glee :P
    Sorry *sigh* so much for finer feelings...

  3. oh my goodness! this is one of those classics.100 years later, this may well become one of the best survivor poems ever written :) kudos.

  4. So very like men, isnt it? Like the way you can rhyme your words, I can never do that :)

  5. "Even when we were making passionate love
    You seemed to be making hurtful hate"

    Loved these lines..

  6. Ahhh...he really did not deserve to see you in pain. The strong person lived thru the hurt..u lived thru it.
    Great lines...perfectly put!!!
    and I hope it did hurt him..jealousy is a strange thing

  7. Festival of love is everywhere.

  8. *woot woot* .. I hope that hurt ... being miserable or rather feeling miserable in love is sick.. the thing love puts you through.. :)

    Awesome poem.. Loved it! :D

  9. When someone finds pleasure in our pain, they are never worth to be loved.

    Story woven in rhyme, not just of love and pain...but to strike back too. not to just sulk, its easier said..but that's how it should be.

  10. it was plain beautiful Soumya..says a lot about journey of love..and evryone here can relate to it in some ways:)

  11. it isn't that much easy to pen your whole life in few expressive words... did a great job!

    Weakest LINK

  12. I love every line of this one! Can so relate to all of it! Good Stuff! :)

  13. This is the story of love! The survivor! The one who fought and won the battle! The stronger breed.
    This really is a work you shud save for eternity. Not only me but most of the "real" lover (women) cud relate with it. The only difference is , not everyone is able to cme out as a survivor.
    This, now, is added to my list of favourites.

  14. You are phenomenal. :)
    This poem is fantastic. :)

  15. Hello.
    Love is not a one-way street. In order for any relationship to grow, it has to be nurtured & cherished by both parties involved.
    The scenario played out here is all too real for many. Thank goodness you were able to find someone new who would love you for you & put you high up on a pedestal where you belong. When all is said & done, the loss is his, not yours.
    Very nicely expressed & imaged.
    Thanks for sharing.

    For ref:
    My Wife, My Priceless Jewel

  16. When someone finds pleasure in your pain its better to leave them alone and thread on the journey alone!

    Beautifully crafted..loved it :)

    Keep Writing and sharing !!

    Take Care

  17. I am speechless Soumya!

  18. Soumya,

    Very very motivational for those who face domestic violence. One should never become a doormat for sake of keeping relationship alive. Self respect is a must, of course not EGO.

    Take care

  19. @TOSM,
    It always is too late to make a return.
    Thank you.

    Hehehe, thanks :)

    Awww, Thank you :)

    Men, sigh!! Ah, its not that tough. Just let the feelings flow and they themselves rhyme :)

    Hmmm that hurts the most still. Thanks my lady.

    Thanks Red. Jealousy is a wonderful thing at times.

    I'm not celebrating love here.

    @Confused Soul,
    Thank you :D

  20. @Beyond Horizon,
    Hmmm true!

    Sorry about that.

    Thank you dear.

    Thank you, its easy to rhyme actually :)

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

    Thanks my dear :)

  21. @Mansi,
    That was quite a compliment. Thanks Mansi :)

    Thanks my lady :)

    Totally agree!
    Glad you liked it.

    Thank you so much.

    Thank you babe. Don't worry I'm fine.

    Thank you.

    It does.
    Thanks :)

  22. So many emotions immersed in one post. Its like a life story told in a few words. You just got better <3


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