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Last Night

Last night, was true madness. Nothing on the mind except you. Every sense forgotten and all of it culminating into tiny bubbles of happiness. Like the prism of white that broke into droplets of colors bouncing along with the echos of our laughter.

Last night, was sheer pleasure. Ecstasy would have been an understatement, the way you touched me. Driving me to crazy extremes wanting me to scream until I hear the clouds crack above me, breaking into a storm and covering the rising sun to reveal a rainbow that seems to cover the shame that eluded us.

Last night, was meant to happen. The games, the need, the hide and seek was happening for way too long without even us realising it. Perhaps, the unknown feelings were built up in such a way that they had to erupt into hot lava soaking us and leaving us to witness the massive volcano called love.

Last night, was intoxicating. Every word gave a high and every kiss blew my mind. Like wine you spread through my veins taking me for a stroll across the land where only we were meant to be. Which was for you. Which was for me. You and me. This word is enough to put any other drug in the world to shame. Us.

Last night, was Nirvana. When every movement guarantees pleasures, when every word thrills the core, when every memory brings a smile, when every touch triggers a chill, you know that this is all you want from life. Like a moth to a flame, I flap my butterfly wings and come to you, because I know this is the place I want to be. This is the place where I shall find you. This is the place where I shall find love. This is the place where I shall find myself. This is the place where I found salvation.

Last night, was pure love. Concoctions of feelings being poured, drowning us both deep into each other. The playful tone adding to the smiles, giving way to expressions that we have seen and heard before. But then, we felt it. Neither of us know who poisoned the other, but while we are at it, lets die together.


  1. FIRST!!:)

    And wow. Some last night that huh:)
    I wish I could have just one of these. One that will blow my mind and I can give up everything else just for that moment...

    Your words make me want it <3

  2. *head blow off

    PS: love the new look...

  3. I'm still lost in the the the feelings. So strong and passionate! I could not decide which part I loved the most or which line hit me. It's hard you see, when all of it is absolutely awesome. :)

    And it couldn't have been better. :*

  4. Whooo!! Warbled.
    Please stay like this. Smiles

  5. wow!!! some night that...somehow readin this post brings out the buried desires to feel the taboo 'L' word again

  6. WOW... what a night!! Loved this piece..


  7. I want such a night...I have lived thru this..but you get greedy! I want it again!
    Good change!

  8. "Like a moth to a flame, I flap my butterfly wings and come to you, because I know this is the place I want to be. This is the place where I shall find you. This is the place where I shall find love. This is the place where I shall find myself. This is the place where I found salvation."

    Beautiful. Took me back in time to my "last night". Which one feels forever away. :)
    Love this.

    P.s new blog look is awesome!

  9. I had such a night. But I want one more.. many more!
    *Off to read the post again*

  10. i read it thrice in a row.....
    one word to describe... awesome.... :)

    love the new look too....

  11. This is the nicest post you have written pretty witty... i love it ahhhh

  12. new wAY of love....wooow i like it!

  13. You actually gave ecstasy a new name. Bravo.

  14. You made it a night to remember! The ending ensured it!

  15. @PeeVee,
    Yay first!!
    I pray that you have it soon. And I hope that it would be more magical than mine :)

    Thanks my lady :)

    Blew Off? :D

    Thank you so much my dear. *Hugs*

    Thanks my dear :)

    It was awesome! 'L' word, go ahead feel it. Take a chance.

    @Confused Soul,
    Thank you :)

    Greed helps :D

    Make every night the last night. That's the mantra you see ;)
    Thanks love.

    May God bless you with many many more. Thanks :)

  16. @CHINTU,
    Thank you so much :)

    Thanks sweetie.

    @Vish thakur,
    Thanks :)

    Hmmm :)

    @Pria Rao,
    Thank you my lady :)

    @Rahul Bhatia,
    I did :)

  17. Were you reading one of Stephen King's thrillers or watching Paranormal Activity last night? Kidding. ;)

    Can't really relate to this, as it's a bit mushy for me. But you know what I was thinking as I read through? I wish the girl who spends time with me would feel like this. Elegantly expressed.

    And just in case we don't meet again on each other's comments' section before 31st; Happy New Year! Have a nice time ahead!

  18. Soumya,

    It was so engrossing to read about culmination of love that one gets shocked at the twist in the end.

    Take care

  19. Last night was Nirvana. So was this post. Amazing.

    PS:- I changed my blog's url, so please un-follow and re-follow my blog so that my shitty posts keep on popping up in your Google reader.


  20. First I am in love with the new look.
    And blogger somehow unfollowed you automatically. That stupid prick.

    AndAnd your writing? Wow. Just wow. I mean its fantastic and while reading it I was awes-struck but when I am commenting the only thing I can think of is WOW.
    I hope this makes sense.

  21. @Karthik,
    It sure wasn't short of any Stephen King's work. Just the thrill and activities were different ;)

    I hope she feels the same and all the best to you for that!

    Thank you and happy new year to you too. God bless.

    Thank you :)

    @Hamza Bin Ladin,
    There you are!! I wondered where you disappeared off. Thank you.

    Point noted! :)

    @Nia Charms,
    There you are my lady. Missed you around here. Damn blogger! It does act cranky at weirdest of times. Glad that you're back now!

    Thank you my dear :)


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