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19th Jan, 2012

The problem with me is that I'm not used to happiness. But seeing the steady ramp in this particular emotion since a year, I guess its about time I get used to it and learn to bask in it without any doubts and concerns. Starting yesterday, I did it. This day has been wonderful. The most important day in the whole of my adult life. Reaching a professional high and celebrating the joyous moment with the man I love. Do I need more things to make life perfect? Being a true bred Lioness I've always dared to do things that people think a billion times before jumping in. After 3 years in a particular domain at work, I decided that this is not what I want to do. I did not want to spend the rest of my life writing spooky code that I give a damn about. Thanks to a blessed tongue, I wanted to do something which has me talking for almost 100% of the time. I just threw away my experience and jumped head first into it. Today, 4 months later as I'm rewarded, I just want to pat myself on m

Touch Me & I will Follow

Meeting you was a miracle in itself Good times then continued to flow You brought out the buried parts in me The child like squigle and the womanly glow There was an ease when I came to you The common wit was the best ever base When sense of humor binds us strongly We know that this is the most lovely phase Common thoughts and awesome comfort Is something very very hard to find When you can laugh at yourself without inhibitions You know you can control both the heart and mind With you around, life feels simple No complications about the future or the past There was a meaning to every meeting Even with a coffee we could have a blast Day by day the strings wound more tight Yet not once did it feel like a chore It maybe a mistake, but it does feel right If it was wrong it would have bothered the core No regrets, no complaints, was the agreed mantra It just happened without any effort We just got lost in our beautiful world Without the need for any kind of alert You've given me unadult

Leave me Alone!

2012 started of pretty well with a clear mind set as to what I want and what I clearly do not want. Today, I might not know what I want but I surely know what I do not want. Its funny as to how priorities become options and then the options become useless finally fading into oblivion. Such is the course of life. The sooner we accept it, the better. Do anyone of you believe in human jinx? Like those people who can only bring bad luck? Something like a black cat crossing the road. Only here it is in the form of a living person who unfortunately happens to be a part of your life. Well, guess what? I just found mine. Not a very great feeling trust me, especially if the jinx happens to be someone whom you have had feelings for in the past. Why me? I mean seriously, why me? Just a message or a call from this person can ruin my entire day, or like the most recent instance, it can even ruin a prospective love story. Its almost like they want to say "You left me, so let everything go wrong