Desert Of Joy

I'm not a very fantasy type girl
Yet you make all my dreams come true
There is nothing that you have left unfulfilled
Is that why I love you?

You make me yearn for you more
Your bright smile just dissolves in me
Making me glow from within
This is as beautiful as it can be

My heart now sings to your tune
Every beat seems to chant your name
Almost alike, yet so different
Together we make a perfect frame

A day away from you
Makes me feel like a lost lamb
You are all I need, I know for sure
What the world says, I don't give a damn

You brought back the colors
In my near perfect black and white life
I would be lying if I said that
I haven't dreamt of being your wife

You make me want to commit
To this amazing thing that we share
You my love are the chosen one
To whom my feelings I can bare

You bring out the child in me
Surprising me with every move
The woman in me is all smiles
When she sees your crazy groove

Slowly you have just blended into me
Giving me bright shiny butterfly wings
I'm totally lost in the music you make
Funnily now my soul also sings

Thanks to you, the Lioness can now
Blush to glory and act all coy
Tomorrow sure is there for us
For now, lets get lost in this desert of joy

~ Soumya

Random Rant #1

~ When your boyfriend tells you to get used to luxury, please do. It will prevent your jaws from dropping every time he buys you something or takes you out somewhere. And lets face it, not many guys tell this.

~ Valentines day is super hyped. We did go out and celebrate, but it just felt like any other day. But yeah, we cherished the togetherness more.

~ Why is everyone around getting married, engaged or having babies? Seriously people, the world is NOT gonna end in 2012.

~ This blogger called phatichar has got me addicted to his blogs. He's a fiction genius. I don't believe in ghosts, but he has successfully managed to convert me.

~ Totally, overtly grateful to RIM (Research In Motion). My blackberry is the best thing to have happened to me after love.

~ My greed for meat continues. And I find it surprisingly funny as to how I have moved on from one brahmin boyfriend to another.

~ I cut like about 6 inches of my hair and did not cringe even one bit. Sigh, the art of growing up!

~ I watched 'Ek main aur ekk tu' and liked it. People are talking as to what a bore the movie was, but the concept of a Hindi movie with a surprising climax, well, surprised me.

~ I'm travelling again on the 3rd of March. Back to Accra for two weeks and then straight to Colombo for another two. Looking forward to it. Heard Sri Lanka is a beautiful place.

~ The change in my relationship status on FB triggered more speculation and controversy than Vidya Balan's dressing sense.

~ Looking forward to the Oscars 2012. Fingers crossed for George Clooney. Having said that, I haven't seen 'The Descendants' yet. Anyone has? Feedback?

~ Have developed an aversion towards alcohol. I almost puked on my guy after I smelt wine in his breath. Ditto with smoking. But addiction is not letting me go easy.

~ A blog post needs to define who you are or should be about something that is important to you. It annoys me to the core when people decide to write about national proceedings and get all the facts distorted and wrong. Kudos to Chintuji for getting it perfectly right. All the time. The others, please don't write just for the sake of it.

~ One more thing most annoying about bloggers these days is about commenting. I mean, come, read and if you feel like saying something, comment. If you like the flow of the blog, follow. Isn't it that simple? No expectations, no demands. Like PeeVee says in her comment header, if you just want me to visit your blog, skip the comment and mail me the link. Its not a competition and definitely not a publicity gimmick. Comment and follow at your own will.

~ People these days constantly ask me as to if I have thought it through before getting into this relationship. And more often than not males. Lets face it dude, I did not fall for you then, it sure ain't gonna happen now. I've made my choice. Let me be.

~ I got bored of sleek formals, so trying my hand at kurtis with chudidaars or patiyalas. So far, so good. Also realised I have dust allergy as I was digging out my kurtis from the farthest unused corner of my ward robe.

~ My shoe collection crossed 80 pairs! Eagerly awaiting the century.

~ The tiny glimpse of winter in Bangalore was more then compensated by the 3 days that I spent in Kodai. The genius who came with me told me to carry just one jacket and the rest of my luggage consisted only of short shorts. Imagine the plight!

~ I'm writing a new post after so long, that I had almost forgotten how to do it.

~ Soumya

Fire and Earth

She was relieved. The heat from the campfire was slowly warming her up. It had been a cold night, almost frozen. The heat soothed her. She rubbed her hands frivolously and looked at him. She wasn't aware of him until a few months back. Ofcourse she knew that he existed, but today it was a different story altogether. The wind blew smooth and stirred the fire. But the strong earth beneath refused to let go. She smiled. For once, fire and earth coexisted. Funny, she had always thought that, that could never happen.

He looked up at her and smiled. She just winked back. He came close and held her tight. Suddenly, she felt no need for the fire anymore. The warmth of his body mingled with her madness. As his fingers trailed down her back, she felt the fire burning inside her. She held him close and perched her chin on his shoulder. Her breath on his neck, stirred something inside him. He held her tight, as if to never let her go. It sure was an unusual sight as fire, earth and air enveloped them sealing them into the world. Yet, they were so far away from it, in a world of their own.

From then, every thing felt special. Every gaze stole her heart. Every touch melted her skin. Every word grazed her ears and met her soul. They spoke, way into the night. They felt no fear. No cold. No heat. This was a moment of passion guided by love. Her eyes sparkled to reflect his smile. The stars shone down celebrating their moment.

Making love under the stars had always been her fantasy. That day, as she sat snuggled in his strong arms, the fantasy changed.

Every dream of hers was now turning into a reality. Since when did her luck change? Since when did God shower only blessings on her? Since when did Murphy take a break? Or rather give up? Since when did life start seeming perfect?

Perhaps since the day she realised that she wanted to spend the rest of her life holding his hands.

~ Soumya