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Fire and Earth

She was relieved. The heat from the campfire was slowly warming her up. It had been a cold night, almost frozen. The heat soothed her. She rubbed her hands frivolously and looked at him. She wasn't aware of him until a few months back. Ofcourse she knew that he existed, but today it was a different story altogether. The wind blew smooth and stirred the fire. But the strong earth beneath refused to let go. She smiled. For once, fire and earth coexisted. Funny, she had always thought that, that could never happen.

He looked up at her and smiled. She just winked back. He came close and held her tight. Suddenly, she felt no need for the fire anymore. The warmth of his body mingled with her madness. As his fingers trailed down her back, she felt the fire burning inside her. She held him close and perched her chin on his shoulder. Her breath on his neck, stirred something inside him. He held her tight, as if to never let her go. It sure was an unusual sight as fire, earth and air enveloped them sealing them into the world. Yet, they were so far away from it, in a world of their own.

From then, every thing felt special. Every gaze stole her heart. Every touch melted her skin. Every word grazed her ears and met her soul. They spoke, way into the night. They felt no fear. No cold. No heat. This was a moment of passion guided by love. Her eyes sparkled to reflect his smile. The stars shone down celebrating their moment.

Making love under the stars had always been her fantasy. That day, as she sat snuggled in his strong arms, the fantasy changed.

Every dream of hers was now turning into a reality. Since when did her luck change? Since when did God shower only blessings on her? Since when did Murphy take a break? Or rather give up? Since when did life start seeming perfect?

Perhaps since the day she realised that she wanted to spend the rest of her life holding his hands.

~ Soumya


  1. also, fire n ice i had heard... but this fire and earth sounds better :)

  2. Fire and Earth. Always has appealed to me. And you just summed it up so beautifully! :D :D Loved it! :D <3

  3. Wohooo!! Life on prints! Sounds miraculous sweetheart & I am sure it must had been. Smiles :)

  4. The joys of life falling into place are immense. I am glad yours is falling into place.

    Few people deserve such happiness. You are totally one of those love.

    Keep writing and giving me happy goosebumps.

    Love and tight hugs.

  5. The darkness is nomore.....for the light engulfed it withing itself.
    Great post... Shows that u r happy and satisfied. May it be like this always!

  6. Omg how I love this. too much happiness and love.. I like :D

  7. aaaaaaaaah..!!!
    fire and earth..
    2 of my favourite elements..!!
    they both balance each other so brilliantly..
    the post is filled with bliss..nice read lady..:):)

    PS-and yes i finally commented..:):):) tadaaaa..:D

  8. I don't have much to say. Just WOW!!!!!

  9. @quartertoinsane,
    Yeah, Murphy can go take a high now :P
    Thanks :)

    Nice to see you back here sweetheart. Thank you <3

    Thanks king ;)

    It sure was :)

    Yeah, finally it seems to be falling right. Thank you my love :)

    I am, thanks! *Touchwood*

    @Confused Soul,
    Thanks dear <3

    Look who's finally here :D *dances in the air*
    Thanks my lady, better visit again :)

    Thank you!

  10. every word speaks the silence, a kinda fire... a need within...

    loved reading it... so sweetly thought and engraved...

  11. A positive post :)
    You seem happy :)
    God Bless Soumya :)

  12. When it started off, I got a feeling that I have read it before. But then, it changed then, and it was quite different from the last time. :)


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  13. @Bhargav,
    Long time no see :)
    Thank you.

    I am very happy :)
    Thanks dear.

    The one you read before was "Strangers in the Night". Now I happen to know who the stranger is :)

  14. Fire and Earth.

    That made me think of me and him. Fire sign and Earth sign. Me passionate and wild, and him so silent and strong. We drive each other absolutely crazy - and sometimes, its for all the good reasons. :)

  15. You're happy! I'm happy to know that! I feel happy each time I read pieces that are filled with joy and excitement!

    I felt the romance :) Beautiful.

    Keep smiling!

  16. You're happy! I'm happy to know that! I feel happy each time I read pieces that are filled with joy and excitement!

    I felt the romance :) Beautiful.

    Keep smiling!


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