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What Happened in May

~ I got promoted! :D :D ~ My parents just found out about me and Cal and they are thrilled. His parents knew quite a while ago and their reaction was the same. So talks are on now, will break the good news soon. ~ I've been jobless for more than a month now, that I've put on quite some weight. If I don't lose it soon, I'd have to buy a new wardrobe. ~ I've been so bored that I put up a boring post just for the sake of it. ~ Got the perfect break I wanted. Goa and relaxing at home. But now I'm getting bored. I need a project soon. ~ Realised that exes can never be friends. Flings are okay, but you can never be friends with the people whom you have been in love with. ~ Cal and I made our first public appearance on Facebook. The pic got 90 odd likes. We're overwhelmed. ~ Had the best waffle ever, here in Bangalore. Nothing like a waffle and poached pears for breakfast. ~ Managed to get Cal to develop a taste for eggs. He's a B