What Happened in May

~ I got promoted! :D :D

~ My parents just found out about me and Cal and they are thrilled. His parents knew quite a while ago and their reaction was the same. So talks are on now, will break the good news soon.

~ I've been jobless for more than a month now, that I've put on quite some weight. If I don't lose it soon, I'd have to buy a new wardrobe.

~ I've been so bored that I put up a boring post just for the sake of it.

~ Got the perfect break I wanted. Goa and relaxing at home. But now I'm getting bored. I need a project soon.

~ Realised that exes can never be friends. Flings are okay, but you can never be friends with the people whom you have been in love with.

~ Cal and I made our first public appearance on Facebook. The pic got 90 odd likes. We're overwhelmed.

~ Had the best waffle ever, here in Bangalore. Nothing like a waffle and poached pears for breakfast.

~ Managed to get Cal to develop a taste for eggs. He's a Brahmin and I'm a hardcore non vegetarian. I'm terribly worried about his protein intake, so I was ecstatic when his taste buds loved the Spanish omelette.

~ My best friend just got married! Still can't believe it.

~ I loved 'Rowdy Rathore' and hated 'Shanghai'.

~ A relative of mine has been stalking me on Facebook and on my blog. And has been ranting to my entire family about Cal and me in the worst possible way. Seriously, if you had concentrated so much on your own marriage, you'd be really happy with your partner now.

~ Having an overdose of 'Desperate Housewives'. But no regret.

~ May has been awesome. June better top it up.

~ Soumya