Bed of Roses

Six months may not seem long
But our journey of togetherness does
Every day has been an adventure
You give my life the bubbly buzz

We seem to be the topic of discussion of late
I don't know if its jealousy or they are happy for us
I love the way you taught me to handle it
Accepting and ignoring without a fuss

It all feels like a beautiful dream
I thought commitment was not for me
You pulled me right out of the phobia
You showed me the amazing beauty of 'we'

The passion that I see in your eyes
Keeps the madness in me going
You are my strength and my oar for life
With which we shall keep our love boat rowing

We did come together just by chance
But it all seems so perfect now
God might not have always been kind to me
But for this, in front of God I shall always bow

You are my teacher when I'm ignorant
When I'm angry you are my punching bag
You turn into a cuddly bear when I'm upset
Talking softly to me, without once being a nag

Why would I not fall in love with you
Every missing part of me you seemed to fill
'You complete me' would be an understatement
For you, I would gladly die or even kill

The happy smile on your face
Makes me want to live longer
The tight embrace of your arms
Is the reason why today I'm stronger

I shall stand by you till the end of time
No matter what ever negatives life poses
As long as we are together, life would be like
Sleeping on a bed of roses
~ Soumya

By Invitation Only

I'm an extrovert alright, but still I speak only when I have something to say. Not because I just have to say something. You see, there is a difference here. A difference which a very few get. They say that a person who doesn't know anything always knows it the loudest. This is true. Very true. But only a very few get the sarcasm behind it. And nothing is more annoying than unappreciated sarcasm. 

I'm not the one to rant unnecessarily. How many times have you seen me rant here? Once, twice maybe. Let me tell you how the freedom of expression works. It is based on invitation. Like putting up something on Facebook. Be it a controversial status or a 'sexy to you but vulgar to me' picture. Either ways, you are inviting opinions. Deal with it. A few weeks back I put up a picture of mine with my hair tied up and my kohl lined eyes covered with my Ray-Ban. The picture was modified with a Blackberry app and the bizarre color effects around it made me look like a guy. But still I put it up. When someone commented that I look like a guy resembling a famous actor, I politely replied back with a thank you and introduced all of them to my male alter ego. And guess what, people loved him too! If you have made an effort to go public with something, you have to put up with the appreciation or criticism that comes your way. 

Someone put up a funny looking profile picture on FB. I maybe no fashionista here, but my only comment was as to why they were wearing that. When a dress looks more like a costume, it obviously triggers the basic question. Why? This comment was promptly deleted by the owner and was followed by a million thank yous to the people who have liked the picture. This has happened more times than one with more people than one. Isn't it simple not to put up something that might trigger opinions/criticism, if you can't deal with it. Mundane and low key is anyday better when compared to crass and controversial. Unless you are a Poonam Pandey ofcourse.

I'm no one to say what anyone has to put up on their blog or on their Facebook profiles. Put up anything you wish. But, be prepared to deal with the repercussions that come along with it. Its not hard, if you have the balls to do it. 

Always remember, trouble usually comes by invitation only.
~ Soumya