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A Matter of Choice - Part 2

A Matter of Choice - Part 1 Nidhi felt a wet rush down her chin. She had been so caught up with her happy memories that she had accidentally bit her lip reliving the joyous moment. This caused her lip to erupt towards the left side. It wasn’t visible thanks to her lipstick but she felt the burning pain. So much for Nikhil and his memories, she thought. She rushed to the washroom and dabbed a wet towel on her lip. The burning sensation increased. Should she inform her mother? Since her parents were already busy tending to their thousand guests, she decided against it. The towel showed only stains of blood. She looked confused, and then thought about waterproof lipsticks. Oh yeah, how times had changed. She neatly wiped off the blood and dabbed on some Vaseline. Since the beautician had left her kit here, she might as well as cover her lip with some more lipstick later. She looked out of the window, heavy clouds were forming. The weather had said rain and she prayed that the w

A Matter of Choice - Part 1

Nidhi looked at herself in the mirror. She knew she looked striking. Her red saree was bought from the best weaver in Banaras . Her choli was the perfect fit as it tugged onto her skin exposing the slim curve of her back. The bangles on her hands were the exact red of her saree. She had spent an entire day in Bangalore looking for them. She wore her mother’s antique jewels that carefully rested on her in three layers. She had thought that it was a bit too much, but her mother hadn’t. After hours of arguing, Nidhi had finally given up. The mehendi on her hands had turned almost a deep dark brown since the previous day she had gotten it done. She smiled. She knew what people would say. (They say that the darker the mehendi on the girls’ hands, the more her husband to be loves her). Yes, today she was the bride and she knew she looked her best today. After glancing at the mirror for a while, Nidhi took a bite of the oatmeal cookies left on the table. She wasn’t allowed

Happy Lust in August

Well well well, its my favorite month of the year. No, I don't intend to be silly and say so only because its my birthday month. August for me has always meant hope and peace. It sure marks a new beginning in my life, as I completed 26 years of my existence on the 8th and stepped into my 27th. And I have achieved all that I wanted to by the time I completed 26. A decent pay package, a concrete idea of an independent business, self security and at last but not the least a man with whom I want to spend the rest of my life. Feels good. Also, this was my last birthday that I spent as a singleton. I'll be a wife next year. Woohoo, still can't believe this is happening. Until last month I've been resting/rusting at home, without any interesting projects available. On August 1st, I joined an awesome project. I changed my stream again and got into something that I exactly wanted. Now you know that the month started off with a bang. I took a passion to the next level duri

Can't erase, Can't rewind

If you don't have a past, then you don't have a present. Show me one person who hasn't had a past and I'll bow to you. Isn't this what life is all about. The past, the present and the future. So why make a big deal about having a past or dreaming about the future. This is how life is. This is how life is meant to be. Its after ages that I'm thinking about my past or writing about it. People who have been following my blog right from the start know that I have also been a victim of living in the past. But I don't regret it now. After a colorful past(not my choice of words) I chose what colors I need in my present. The past has been very kind and unkind to me. But yeah, I survived all that didn't I? People around me think that I have an enviable life because of all the men I have around. They might just be friends, but again, you cannot control what others think. Others think that maybe my present is not good enough, just because they have had l