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October Update

This year has flown by so quick. Its October already and I still remember the first day of this year like it was yesterday. Its been an extremely good year so far inspite of the small glitches here and there. This also happens to be the year where I have written the least number of posts. This year has been so eventful that I have been busy living life without looking back or pausing. First the good news. Cal and me are going to be engaged in two and married in six months. This is the only part of my life that has been preponed. By choice. My choice. I always planned to get married when I was 28, but again I never thought I shall find a guy I want to be married to until then. Today, I just can't wait and I'm achieving this dream two years earlier. Yay me. Even though it all seems like a perfect fairy tale with a happy ending, it was not easy to get here. Being the second of the two daughters and getting married first is something I had to fight for. Even though my parents