October Update

This year has flown by so quick. Its October already and I still remember the first day of this year like it was yesterday. Its been an extremely good year so far inspite of the small glitches here and there. This also happens to be the year where I have written the least number of posts. This year has been so eventful that I have been busy living life without looking back or pausing.

First the good news. Cal and me are going to be engaged in two and married in six months. This is the only part of my life that has been preponed. By choice. My choice. I always planned to get married when I was 28, but again I never thought I shall find a guy I want to be married to until then. Today, I just can't wait and I'm achieving this dream two years earlier. Yay me. Even though it all seems like a perfect fairy tale with a happy ending, it was not easy to get here. Being the second of the two daughters and getting married first is something I had to fight for. Even though my parents are all happy about it now it wasn't easy at first to convince them. I stuck to what I wanted to, my parents had to give in. After all Murphy doesn't let me have things easily, until I fight for it.

There were some good movies over the past few weeks. 'Barfi!' was good, only that during the entire movie I could think of every other movie where the scenes were similar(exact). The climax ripped straight out of 'The Notebook' was such a shame. Takes guts to make such a movie though. Priyanka was fab and Ranbir deserves another feather in his cap after 'Rockstar'. All I noticed about Ileana was her eye make up. 'English Vinglish' was a neat movie for the woman. The last such movie I saw was 'Mitr-My friend'. Both dealt with female emotions beautifully. Also, Priya Anand who played Radha in the movie was fabulous. Mehdi Nebbou was a bonus attraction.

I'm writing a regular post after a long time. My last few trysts with fiction was accepted well and I'm very glad. It helps that I have a terribly wild imagination. But for now, I'm concentrating on the reality that my life has to offer. A wedding is just not easy. There are so many intricacies involved which scares me at times. And I have wonderful friends around me for support. Since most of them are married by now, it helps to get advice from them. I suddenly feel all grown up.

Apart from love, the another emotion I've seen in abundance of late is jealousy. Its so funny how a union of two people can trigger various emotions in a hell lot of others. Some complain that its not right, some can't believe that its so right, some are wondering if my parents can afford the elaborate wedding, some are contemplating on the number of kilo grams of gold that I would carry, some are wondering if a girl like me who wears shorts and skirts can fit into a conservative Iyer family. Keep wondering, as I tie the knot with the man I love with complete blessings from our families. That's all him and I need.

Yes, its been a good year. And I have somehow managed to get the right balance in life.

~ Soumya