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Remember to Forget - Concluding Part

Remember to Forget - Part 1 /  Remember to Forget - Part 2 /  Remember to Forget - Part 3 Pia was silent now as she stared into the sky. Archana was angry. " Answer me Pia. You still love him right? Wait, did you make up all this just to get me away from Samar, so that you can have him ?" Pia was about to say something when Archana put up her hand. " Pia listen, he loves you. I know how much he does. You probably are the only one he has held on to for so long. If you love him, you can always go back to him ." Pia remained calm, " I did not make up anything Arch. That's the truth ." Archana did not seem interested. " I don't care Pia. The fact that Samar asked you to marry him when I've been with him for more than a year is enough for me to hate him. I don't need anything more ." Before Pia could reply, Archana walked away. Pia took a deep breath and looked up. Her hand went to the pendant across her neck an

Remember to Forget - Part 3

Remember to Forget - Part 1 / Remember to Forget - Part 2  " Samar, I..... " Pia mumbled. The music in the hall suddenly stopped and every one was silent. Pia looked up to see what was happening. Samar was irritated. Talk about spoiling the moment. He caught hold of Pia's hand. " Please finish " he said. " Okay. Samar ...." A screeching sound filled the air, and then; " Calling Mr. Samar Nath. Someone at the entrance is looking for you. Mr. Samar Nath, please report to the reception immediately. Repeating, Mr. Samar Nath, please report to the reception immediately ." " Damn, who the hell is this now. Why can't they call me on my phone instead? What's the need for the announcement?" Samar was frustrated. Pia was annoyed too. " Its okay, just go check who it is and be back ." " But Pia ....." " Even I want to finish this soon Samar, but this seems like an emergency. Just go ." S

Remember to Forget - Part 2

Remember to Forget - Part 1 Samar looked around the dimly lit hall. Almost all the women out there were dressed in black and yet he knew that his Pia was not around. He felt a sinking feeling inside. Then for a second he thought that she might be in the washroom. He rushed towards the rest room area and waited for full fifteen minutes. She did not come out. He then went back to the party hall and did another quick scan. Still no sight of her. Finally after thinking for a while he dialed her number. Busy tone. "Phew!" he heaved a sigh of relief. At least she was okay. And then hit the pang of jealousy. "Whom could she be talking to?". He brushed away all these thoughts from his head and approached Nitesh who now had arrived at the bar. " Hey Nitesh, have you seen Pia ?" he asked. " I did. But then you took her away from me ." He sounded irritated. " Not then you moron. Now. Probably within the last 20 minutes or so ." "

Remember to Forget - Part 1

Samar was thinking hard. "Would she come?". He walked around with a glass of Glenfiddich, sipping way too often than necessary. Since she had not arrived even after half an hour he gulped it down and went to fetch himself another large. Today was the company's anniversary celebration. An event when every one from the prestigious multinational gathered together to celebrate. Celebration was the last thing on his mind. He had come to see her. He knew she would be here; she was not the one to miss out on a celebration. But where was she? It had been more than a year since he saw her, and they had not ended things in a peaceful way. She had left him for something wrong he did. He knew that she had not forgiven him yet, but he wanted a chance to explain. He had been in love with her for about five years now, and he wanted a chance to ask for another chance. She had carefully maintained her distance from him. Not answering his calls, not replying to his mails, chats, me