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Remember to Forget - Part 1

Samar was thinking hard. "Would she come?". He walked around with a glass of Glenfiddich, sipping way too often than necessary. Since she had not arrived even after half an hour he gulped it down and went to fetch himself another large.

Today was the company's anniversary celebration. An event when every one from the prestigious multinational gathered together to celebrate. Celebration was the last thing on his mind. He had come to see her. He knew she would be here; she was not the one to miss out on a celebration. But where was she? It had been more than a year since he saw her, and they had not ended things in a peaceful way. She had left him for something wrong he did. He knew that she had not forgiven him yet, but he wanted a chance to explain. He had been in love with her for about five years now, and he wanted a chance to ask for another chance.

She had carefully maintained her distance from him. Not answering his calls, not replying to his mails, chats, messages. He knew she was with someone else, but he knew that it was not right. He had always felt a strong connection with her from the first time he saw her. It had taken him years to get her to go out with him, but when she did, he knew that she was all his. It was not easy to forget such chemistry and move on to someone else. He knew that she till thought about him. This, he was sure of.

He was on his fourth drink when he heard her laugh. He turned back to look. There she stood, looking splendid in a fitted black dress. The dress was cut low, showing her perfectly arched back. And as usual she had stuck to minimal jewellery with just a chunky black watch and a thin frail necklace with a diamond pendant. He smiled. It was his gift to her on her previous birthday. She was wearing it today, meant that he still mattered to her.

Gulping down his drink, he walked towards her. She always made him weak in the knees. Years had passed but this had not changed. Be it on an occasion or in her pajamas she always had this effect on him. For a minute he thought about the last night they had spent together. Her soft touch, his strong arms pulling her close, the way their bodies entwined, her moans, her long hair trailing down his face, the honey color of her skin…. He felt a chill down his spine as he was jolted back to reality and to the fact that she was standing two feet away from him.

He approached her.


She turned towards him and looked straight into his eyes with her deep kohl lined eyes. He felt the world stop moving.

Oh hello, Samar.”

No surprise, no anger. So she did expect him to come. He took a deep breath and extended his hand out.

How have you been, Pia?”

She firmly shook his hand. Her touch did wonders to him that could not be described in words.

I’ve been good. Thanks.”

Won’t you ask how I am?”, he asked.

She smiled. “You look good. I guess you are doing fine.”

Samar felt nice. He knew of her fondness for the color black, and he had dressed up in a black suit. “So, she approves.” he thought to himself.

They kept looking at each other for a while and then someone interrupted her. Nitesh the guy who had a crush on her for the longest time. He almost jumped on her and held her hand never wanting to let go. The polite woman that she was, she made small talk with a smile.

Samar was feeling confident. Pia did not show any signs of anger or hurt. She seemed her normal self. He just stood staring at her wishing that the hand she was holding was his and not Nitesh’s. She caught his eye more than twice and did not mind. That moron Nitesh was just not letting her go. She looked at Samar helplessly. He knew her “Please help me” look and walked towards her and Nitesh.

Can I get you a drink Pia?” he casually asked.

Yes, please” she said and held his hand and walked away after waving a bye to Nitesh.

Phew! Thanks Samar. Nitesh has just not changed, has he?”

Its not his fault. You always have that effect on men, you know that.” He chided her.

I don’t know about others. But I sure did on you.” She teased.

You still do. Why do you think I’m here?”, he moved closer to her now.

What about the drink?”, she pushed him away.

He smiled and walked towards the bar.

Pia kept looking at him as he walked away. He was just as good looking as she remembered him. It had been quite a while, but he looked just the same. Charming, powerful, sexy. She saw a few female employees checking him out. As usual he did not care. She laughed to herself saying “He’s still the same.”

Samar was soon back and gave her a glass of her favorite red wine.

She took a sip, “Ummm… Nine hills. You remember.”

You don’t need to remember things that you don’t forget.”, he quipped.

Why is your hand empty. Have we exhausted the Glenfiddich yet?” she laughed.

I’m not the only one who remembers then. I’ll be back.”, he said and left to get himself a drink.

When he came back, she wasn’t around. He looked at all the surrounding tables, but she was no where to be seen.

To be continued.

~ Soumya


  1. Nyc post.... And u r vry ryt dont need to remember things that v never forgot..!! Waiting for next part..:)

    1. Thank you AJNABI. Next part will be out soon :)

  2. You better post the rest of the story soon.

  3. Nice yaar... liked the way u started off with Samar, his crush on Pia, then Pia, the dress she wore, the old camaraderie they had n the hint of the title...

    off to part 2.:)


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