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Remember to Forget - Part 2

Remember to Forget - Part 1

Samar looked around the dimly lit hall. Almost all the women out there were dressed in black and yet he knew that his Pia was not around. He felt a sinking feeling inside. Then for a second he thought that she might be in the washroom. He rushed towards the rest room area and waited for full fifteen minutes. She did not come out. He then went back to the party hall and did another quick scan. Still no sight of her. Finally after thinking for a while he dialed her number. Busy tone. "Phew!" he heaved a sigh of relief. At least she was okay. And then hit the pang of jealousy. "Whom could she be talking to?". He brushed away all these thoughts from his head and approached Nitesh who now had arrived at the bar.

"Hey Nitesh, have you seen Pia?" he asked.

"I did. But then you took her away from me." He sounded irritated.

"Not then you moron. Now. Probably within the last 20 minutes or so."

"Nope. Its funny that after all these years you still keep trying for her." He gave a condescending laugh.

Samar was annoyed. "I do not have time for this", he said and walked away.

As he passed by the balcony he felt her silhouette against the dim sun light. He looked closer. Yes it was her.

He walked towards her and she turned back hearing his footsteps and gestured "two minutes". She constantly spoke on the phone and sipped the wine every now and then. Samar came closer. She smiled at him. Samar was shocked. "This woman is crazy", he thought to himself. Until a month ago she had dodged his calls, messages, mails etc. But today she was acting like there was no problem what so ever between them. He knew he loved her and wanted her back. But he could not understand these reactions from her. He had expected her to be cold and thought that she would avoid him all evening. But no. She seemed just like the way she was years ago, until "that" had happened. He was confused. He felt the need for a drink but was skeptical about walking back to the bar again.

Almost like reading his mind, she handed him her glass of wine. With a shocked look on his face he accepted it. He felt her fragrance with every sip and he felt himself being enveloped with her presence. He felt her come close to him and kiss his neck. He felt her arms around his back. He felt her taste on his lip. Just when he couldn't take it anymore, he opened her eyes. There she stood, with an obvious distance between them.

"All right, see you soon." she hung up and then looked at him.

He was just staring at her without any reaction on his face.

"Hello." she said and waved her palm in front of his face. He blinked and looked away. Obviously embarrassed.

"Sorry, was thinking of something." He tried to cover up.

"Hmmm.... like always." she smiled.

"So who was on the call? Akash?" he questioned.

"No, Teesha. You remember her?"

Teesha was her college room mate and they had been friends for more than a decade now. Samar had met her a couple of times and had even taken her help in trying to woo Pia. But all in vain.

"Oh yeah. She still has the buck tooth?" he snickered.

"Don't be so rude. She's a mom now. Just had a beautiful daughter last month, I'm her god mother. I named her Tia, nice na?" she said proudly.

"Nice. Teesha and Pia. Now Tia. Talk about creativity!", he teased.

She gave him an angry look and then they both laughed.

He returned her glass of wine, she took a sip and casually asked. "How's Archana?"

He was stunned and the color was drained off his face. "How did she know her" he thought.

His thoughts were heard and Pia replied. "Of course I don't know her. I met Sameera last month at the mall and she told me about you both. Not that I asked. We were just talking and she said that you and someone called Archana were planning to get married. She's a doctor I hear. Since when did you start liking doctors?"

"Its not true. She's papa's colleague's daughter. We just hang around and she's dreamt up all these things." Samar said in disgust.

"I know." Pia replied.

"What?" Samar questioned.

"That its not true. You would never go for a girl like that I know. Definitely not a doctor." She said without any expression on her face.

Samar burst out laughing. He walked around the balcony like a mad man laughing constantly. Pia just stood in the corner and waited for him to stop.

"You don't talk to me for over a year. In fact you did not even want to listen to me. But this you are sure off?" He said looking hurt.

"Yeah, I know you well Samar. More than anyone else does. One of the disadvantages of having been in love with you." Her voice went low.

"I'm sorry Pia. Extremely sorry." He almost begged.

"Let it go Samar. Its all in the past."

He couldn't believe his ears. So she had forgiven him?

"So I'm forgiven? Pia don't play around please."

"Why do you think I'm here today Samar. I've thought about you every single day for the past year. I cannot go through this anymore. Probably I should have done this long ago. Yes, I forgive you." She sighed.

Samar felt deeply happy and rushed to hug her. She embraced him too and he held her tight for a while, soaking in the moment and the fresh smell of her hair.

"Thank you Pia, thank you so much. You don't know how much this means to me." He genuinely expressed his happiness.

"I know Samar. You're welcome. I feel light too now." She said with a smile.

Samar now had only one thought in his mind. He took the glass of wine from her hand and kept it away. He held her hand and brought her to the center of the balcony. Pia coped without any hesitation.

Samar went down on one leg and put his hand out.

"Pia, will you marry me?" He asked confidently.

Pia did not look shocked. She came closer to him, held his hand and said...

To be continued.

~ Soumya


  1. Do know why but I have dis feeling Pia is going to say no! You are an amazing writer.....looking forward to the remaining parts

    1. You never know what she'd say :D

      Thank you so much.

  2. Nyc part.. What next.... Waant to know..?? Gd keep writing... I enjoyed it

  3. grr..! cant wait to read the next part. Liked the way you described, was imagining it in my mind. well written.

  4. Soumya,

    Awwwwwwwww, such suspense is bad for heart. Read both parts now. Waiting for next, please do not delay too much.

    Take care

  5. Not fair. She couldn't have possibly said 'to be continued'... :P :D

    Please finish it. It's overdue now.

    And yeah...beautifully written. Gripping..enticing.. :)

    1. I knew somebody would say that and I knew that it would be you only. Talk about being predictable :D

      Thank you so much Sri :)

  6. Hahaha...nice end SOmz.. keepin ur readers on tenderhooks :)

    Off to 3 ...


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