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Love Heals: My entry for the Get Published contest

The Idea : More often than not, love has been termed as a psychological disorder. They say it curdles the mind and bridges the gap between the brain and the heart and slowly the heart takes over. But what happens when a person who is known to understand emotions and to excise control over them starts losing control? Would they give up all that they believed in?  What Makes This Story 'Real' : This story deals with the most important question. "How does love happen.” It’s very easy to say that "I just fell in love". But what factors are responsible for the heart to skip a beat? What makes you willing to give up anything for one person? This story addresses these real life issues.  Excerpt : Dr. Sharma looked at the clock on the adjacent wall. It said five minutes to six 'o' clock. It was a Saturday. From the past two months Dr.Sharma has been looking forward to Saturdays. It was a day when she could rest after her routine of appointments th

Lock & Key

I cannot explain what I feel inside When the thought of you begins Its a scary thought that my lyrics might not do justice To your symphony that my heart now sings Love would be too small a word For this powerful emotion that I feel It is now spread all over me Nurturing everything and ready to heal I had built walls all around me Anger was then my super power I'm so glad you unlocked my heart In the barren field then bloomed a flower You held my hand through each day Letting me be the crazy me Not once complaining about anything Together we then became the crazy we Each day still feels like the first Every moment I can feel the butterflies If there is heaven, its right here In your arms, all perfect and nice From strangers we became friends, Not once realizing where we have come Love seemed to be the obvious next move There was nothing else that we could become The little silly things that we share From our loud l

Role Play - Concluding Part

Role Play - Part 1 /  Role Play - Part 2 /  Role Play - Part 3 Subash dada put back the spotlight on the tub. The AD's camera screen now showed a lifeless naked body in the tub. Satisfied he looked at Atif and smiled. " Cut !" Atif yelled loud. Everyone reacted and started doing their chores, but Vishwas stood right beside the tub looking at Sania's pale body. Sweat was tricking down his face and he stood shivering staring at the limp body. It was obvious that Subash dada and the AD were involved in Atif's idea, as they did not even bother to check on Sania. They just left the set to take a break. Atif sat on his chair with a smile. He had avenged his insult. He slowly got up from his chair and walked towards Vishwas. He held his shoulders and shook him. " Vishwas, listen. Vishwas. It is okay. Relax, its over. You did good. Great ." Atif said looking into his bloodshot eyes. Vishwas finally stirred. " Ehhh? Its over right? I almo

Role Play - Part 3

Role Play - Part 1 / Role Play - Part 2 Sania did not hear the first knock. She was too busy dreaming about Atif. She turned her back to the mirror and held her hair up with her hands and gave a seductive look to the mirror. Her back was slender and had the perfect arch. She smiled looking at herself. After two minutes, the knock came again. This time for a long time. Sania heard it now and frowned. Then she blushed. What if it was Atif. His spot boy had come and called her a few minutes ago, but she hadn't left. So maybe he himself had come to call her. She felt excited. Quickly she covered herself with the robe and stylishly wrapped the shrug around her. She took a quick look at the mirror and adjusted her makeup. The makeup lady had done a good job she thought. She was worth the money she was getting paid. Adding some gloss to her lips, she rushed and opened the door with her widest smile, which soon turned into an expressionless curve. Lalit, her assistant st