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The Honest Post - Phase 2

Read Phase 1 here Came October and the most inevitable happened. My current relationship came tumbling down and I was single again. No matter how meaningless the relationship, a heart break is always a heartbreak. The first person I called after this happened was Cal . And he being his true self cheered me up. No, he did not do the usual 'chance pe dance' and try to woo me. Nor did I use him as a shoulder to cry on. I was over the relationship in like four hours, because nothing about it seemed right and I somehow looked forward to being single again. See, moping over something that's over is an individual choice. I did once for three years. Never again. Go ahead, feel free to judge me. Not being tied to someone else gave me ample free time. Like I said before that I'm not a home body, I seek solace outside. There was someone else doing the same then. Yes, Mister Cal himself. Both of us have been crazily independent and have only turned towards our friends fo

The Honest Post - Phase 1

Yes, you read it right. I meant phase-1 not part-1. Because honesty in my life doesn't come in parts that would one day have a concluding part. For me honesty is a regular part of life and it remains. What I'm writing here are the phases of my life over the past two years or so. This for me would be easy to write, as I just have to write what I lived. Fiction in that way takes time. Even though I'm blessed with a good imagination it takes time for me to make up situations and characters. True life is simple and easy. What you went through is what you write. No making up or hiding flaws here. The best thing about being honest is that you don't have to remember anything. Its all out there. I never wanted to put out my love story here, and definitely not something titled like this but now I think the time is right and I need to lay some speculations to rest. For the first and last time. Cal and I have known each other from the past 26 years, i.e all of my life. B