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Magic Unfolds

Here we go guys. As promised, here is a glimpse of my big day!  All dressed up. I couldn't recognize myself. After the garlanding ceremony. Man, those garlands are super heavy :| Cal walks his bride to the swing/oonjal. Oonjal is an Iyer custom where the bride and groom sit on a swing and women walk around warding them from all evil. And he promised to hold my hand for life :)  The Iyer bride costume. Another case of non-identification :D His usual self, Cal had to crack jokes just before the moment. The moment. Beautifully captured. Mangalya thantunanena mama jeevana hethunaa Kante badhnaami subhage tvam jeeva saradah satham Burn, evil doers. Burn in hell. Yeah, I'm a drama queen too. Toe Rings. God bless you, dear husband :) The custom where you go see a star called Arundati. All we could see was a mobile signal tower. And a crow. The wedding venue. Cal and I supervised the decoration. After the gri

The Wedding Drama

Yes I'm married. Man, it does take quite a while for the feeling to sink in. Its been a month since the wedding and it still hasn't for me. Its very normal and takes some time, says the newly married expert Spiff master , who was sweet enough to come to Bangalore from Chennai for the wedding. Raj cheta from Fuck Love made it too. It was so much fun meeting them, although couldn't spend much time with them as Cal and me were totally confined to the stage. Phatichar guruji came to bless us too, but all I could speak to him was a lame 'Thank you'. Sorry Sri, we surely will catch up and speak at leisure soon. I had a big fat Brahmin Iyer wedding. With about 3000 guests, there was hardly any time to breathe. The whole day went in a flash and Cal and me only realized what all we were made to do, when we saw the video and the pictures (which I shall post here soon). By the time the day ended, we both were drop dead exhausted. Inspite of all the ru