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Its Hay during May - Again!

Just like last year , May has been extremely awesome this year too. Cal and I are just back from a much needed vacation and I'm feeling all rejuvenated and stress free. Ah, I love my life. So, reasons why the month was so awesome. First, I got published! Again. Last month my article ' Meenakshi ' got featured in the online magazine Tamarind Rice . This month my poem ' The Pebble ' made it to the magazine, along with my secret(not anymore) recipe for the wonderful and delicious Red Velvet cup cakes . Yay! I'm thrilled to the bone.  Check out this magazine people. Its awesome and they choose the best articles too. Go ahead, and submit your articles. All details mentioned on their site . Next, just when I thought that blog awards were almost extinct, Keirthana and Srishti proved me wrong. After being awarded the ' Best New Blogger ' and ' The Versatile Blogger ' before, they bestowed upon me the ' Creative Blogger '

Love Lane

Maybe it was a plan, maybe it was fate It could have been music, or even a chime But something brought us close together At the right place, at the right time You gave yourself to me completely I was drawn to you in total trust I was I and you were you Not once did we have to adjust We spoke, we laughed and understood As we put together our dreams and hopes This was what bound us together As we became Calvin and Hobbes When you held my hand tight I knew this is where I belong That was when your laughter Then became my favorite song I already knew what love was But you taught me the pleasures of romance Butterflies came and did their part And then my heart learnt how to dance You have given me the best of gifts Like warmth, peace and happiness In a short period of time  You showed me what love really is You leave me wanting nothing more Than just wanting more of you Its amazing how you manage to do it Everyday you

An Eye for an Eye

A lot has been said, done, assumed and written of late. And if it is something that I wrote that is causing the problem, it only makes sense that I apologize. Like I said in this post, you put up something, be prepared to face the brunt of it. I never planned to run away anyway and I'm not the only one who put up something. Everything happens for a reason. Provocation they call it. I read something, I wrote about it. You read it and started talking. Its a vicious cycle, every spoken word. And every written word. And now that everyone wants to know what triggered such an ugly battle, I'm going to speak out exactly what's on my mind.  Yes, Cal and I are related. And yet we fell in love. Its not like we had planned it to happen, or any other strategic move. Now that I hear that all of you have been following my blog closely I'm sure you would have read about the honest posts I've written. It just happened, without even us realizing it. You guys found out a

The Honest Post - Phase 3

Read phase-1 here / Read phase-2 here 'A walk to remember' - The book remained in my hand as I reached Accra in Ghana for my project assignment. Close to ten hours on a flight might seem long, but not when you are occupied with thoughts. And I was. In Cal's thoughts. As so was the situation when I was standing at the immigration counter waiting for my turn. Balancing the book and my passport in one hand, I pulled out my phone from my pocket and switched it on. Soon after, Cal called. Ah, that was probably the widest my smile could ever get. He said, he missed me. I told him I missed him too. Then out of the blue he suddenly asks me, "What do you think is happening?". "I don't know", I said. Then he says, "But, I'm loving it". My smile got wider. "Me too", I said. I could almost hear him smile at the other end. It was my turn and after getting my passport stamped I walked out to an unknown country which was goin