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When you say nothing at all

The first thing I saw were your eyes
They were cold and filled with pain
Something about them soothed my soul
Like a parched desert drenched with rain

From a stranger you became a friend
Sharing with me your fancies and fears
I could see and feel myself in you
As I longed to wipe away your tears

Lost you had, your loved one
The void never seemed to fill
I did not want to replace her
But fall in love I did still

I should have held myself back
I was not allowed to love
I was only a short time guest
Soon I had to return above

But the love and courage in your eyes
Seemed to fill the hole in my heart
I felt healthy and filled with life
As you were filling up my joy cart

You wanted us to last forever
In my love you were thriving
How could I tell you the truth?
That day by day I was dying

I did not want to cause you more hurt
I wanted you to embrace life
You deserved to be loved and happy
Somewhere deep burying the strife

They said that all I had was a day
I did not want to burden you with sorrow
I used silence as the best weapon
Did not want to tell you I'd be gone tomorrow

Love is never supposed to end
I'd love you even after I close my eye
Hold me like a memory and look forward
New beginnings only arrive after a good bye

Don't say a word, just hold me close
Let me soak it all in before I fall
Because life sometimes is more beautiful
When you say nothing at all

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

~ Soumya


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