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For The Love Of Melbourne

Image Source: Various My first tryst with Melbourne was when I watched the movie ' Salaam Namaste ' and fell in love with the city just like the way Ambar (Priety Zinta's character) did. Australia is one of the most underrated countries as most of the people crave to settle down in the US of A or the United Kingdom. Some even want to get lost in the lush landscapes of Europe and some want to climb up the Eiffel Tower in Paris to catch the view. I have hardly heard of anyone wanting to go and settle in Australia. People apply citizenship for Canada and New York, but you hardly get to see people wanting to go settle down in Sydney or Melbourne. I had got a glimpse of Sydney through the movie ' Dil Chahta Hai ', and I was fascinated with the locations that feature in the ' Jaane kyu log pyar karte hai ' song. The clear blue waters, the green parks and the helicopter ride above the Opera house. As I was still bottling up my lust for Sydney, I saw Melbour

Magic Of Love

Image Source It can soothe an injury And heal a broken heart It can also erase the pain And help you with a fresh start It can give you immense strength To handle the toughest of things Joy in your heart and peace in your soul This feeling definitely brings You can feel the butterflies As well as the musical chime If you choose to embrace it Every word begins to rhyme It is not a thing to find Instead it finds you It doesn't come to everyone The blessed ones are just a few It is a wave of pixie dust It makes the world go round But when it chooses to fail It can take you to the ground The hurt is unbearable But it does fade some day You need to have faith in yourself It is only a small price to pay It helps you mend yourself It is a soothing potion It can intoxicate you too It is a wonderful emotion You need it to survive It is the best gift sent from above Sometimes happy and sometimes tragic That i

Glimmering Star

Copyright -Björn Rudberg It took me a long time to find the perfect Christmas tree, and it was no easy task to get it down to our house through our steep pathway. Watching my wife decorate the tree, made me smile realizing that all the effort I put did not go in vain. " Dad, we do not have a glimmering star to put on top ", my five year old came rushing to me. " Darling, I have the perfect star for it !" She and her mother watched as I climbed up the ladder to put our tiny family portrait on top of the tree. This five sentence fiction is written for the topic ' Glimmer ' at Lillie McFerrin Writes . This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 26th December 2014 .

In My Opinion

Image Source What is wrong in speaking up What is the need to sugar coat words I do not know how to speak like that I refuse to join the hypocritical herds I cannot lie about what I feel The truth might hurt but it still is right When the truth is in front of us What is the need for the fright They call me blunt, bold and rude Just because I have a mind of my own It is my choice to be this way I do not want to be some one's clone I choose to write about the truth People cannot seem to handle this I shall not stop writing the way I do In this is what I find my bliss Diplomacy is a very good thing But it sure is not mandatory When the whole truth is spoken about Everything becomes self-explanatory What is wrong in standing up Why hide under a facade and write When I know all about the truth Why should I be afraid of being right I shall raise my voice and speak Even though I'm just one in a billion Because som

Oh Yes!

Image Source I think ours is the only country, where sex is considered a taboo. India, the land of the Kamasutra frowns upon the concept of sex and its mention. Talk about hypocrisy of the highest order. I think we Indians are a really confused breed. While some people are fighting for sex education to be introduced in schools, others are still changing channels in front of their children when some " X-rated " scenes are telecast. Our daily serials show that virginity is the highest form of purity a girl can hold, while our movies show us love making scenes and pre-marital sex like never before. And yet, Indians are supposed to be the most cultured and religious of the lot. Let us first check something, what does culture mean? The last I checked, this is what it said on Wikipedia. Culture is a word for people's 'way of life', meaning the way groups do things. Different groups of people may have different cultures. A culture is passed on to the next gen

Product Review: Dettol Multi-Use Wipes

I'm a crazy OCD freak. I want everything to be spic and span and placed exactly in the way I like. Be it the hangers in my closet or the arrangement of books on my book shelf. I also like to have everything very clean and tidy. Since I'm prone to migraine, I have an aversion to a lot of smells. So everything around me has to smell neutral, else I freak out. Also, I'm a firm believer of cleanliness is next to Godliness . I always carry tissues and a sanitiser with me. At home I always have plenty of hand wash stored so that we never run out of it. It is an obsession, but this is the way I am. I always like my surfaces clean, especially mirrors. Even is there is a single spot on the mirror, I drop all my other work and go grab my stock of Colin and a sponge to clean it. A clean house is a sign of a happy family. Well, atleast for me. I keep my room as clean as possible, wiping the surfaces as often as I can. Since the back door of my room opens to the outside, there alw

RIP Humanity

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Teddy Travelogues #TravelWithKids

Image Source Vacations are something that all of us look forward to. For some it is a getaway from the mundane work. For some it is a celebration. For some it is an escape from reality while for some it is an expression of love. A vacation is always a perfect break from something. You can take some time away and retrospect on the days or events that passed by. It gives you a peace within and helps you plan your next step in life. If you have a lover for company then every vacation is turned into a honeymoon filled with memories. A vacation is the perfect relaxation. Taking a break from a regular routine is something that we all deserve.  But vacations mean different to different people. Some people like to laze around in the chill of a hill station, some like to get adventurous and go out trekking, some like to go to a beach and enjoy the sun. These are adults who are sure of what they want to do on a vacation. But what about taking kids out on a vacation? Obviously, the pa

Your Touch

Image Source The way you hold my hand It makes me feel so secure I know it deep within me Your love for me is so pure When you hold my waist Protected is how I feel I want to be yours forever My heart you did steal When you play with my hair The child in me comes out You are the man for me About that, I have no doubt When you kiss my cheek It is an expression of romance I'm glad our paths crossed I'm happy God gave us that chance When your lips touch mine The passion I feel is supreme I feel like I'm floating away Living through a wonderful dream Its the way I feel inside Not what my eyes can see I don't know what else love means But your touch defines it for me

I'll Be Back Soon

photograph by Robert Doisneau I have no heart to leave But for a short while I must I have never been away from you I don't know how I shall adjust It is a matter of a few days A month suddenly seems like a year Promise me you shall stay strong Darling, please do not shed a tear I shall have you in my heart My shadow shall follow you around I shall never leave you alone In you my everything I have found This job I'm doing, is for us Once I'm back we'll walk down the aisle I shall come back with more love Just wait for a little while Pick the best dress that you can I know you shall make a pretty bride The day you shall become my wife I shall look at the world with pride Your eyes are not letting me go My love, don't do this to me Let me go with a happy heart Sadness on your face I cannot see I shall be back very soon Never again my presence you'll have to miss I cross my heart and promise yo

Respect The Red

Image Source Red, orange and green. How many of us adhere to all these colors while waiting in a traffic signal? Some of us only see green all the time, which clearly is a case of color blindness. In today's world, all of us are in a hurry and it always is a race against time. Survival of the fittest is now combined with a quest for time in such a way that the human race is turning a blind eye to the obvious. Safety . A report, based on statistics collected from 178 participating countries, said globally over 1.2 million people die in road accidents every year and 20-25 million people suffer non-fatal injuries. And hardly any of it is an accident. Most of it is a risk taken by the deceased. Have you seen this video ? Many people came up with their derogatory comments regarding it in such a way that the soul of the message was lost in the background. Aamir Khan dedicated an entire episode in his show to show us the causes for road accidents and how it can be prevented. But

Not An Excuse #RiseAboveFear

Fear is always over rated and under rated too. The fear of this is called this phobia and the fear of that is called that phobia. Did you know that the fear of number 13 is called ' Triskaidekaphobia '? Sounds silly that some people have such fears right? But no, everyone has their own fears. Be it of heights, water or anything else. I have always been a ferocious child and was not scared of anything. I used to jump from one roof top to another easily in my locality. My parents would cringe and scream as I scaled the third floor of every building. I do not know swimming, but I am not scared of water. I like the presence of water and the loud gush of a waterfall. Swimming has been on my agenda since ten years now but some how I haven't found the time to take it up. It goes on my resolution for 2015 too and hopefully this time I shall fulfill it. Fear is not just a feeling, it is a drawback. It holds you back from all the things that you want to do. At least, if you are

Trust The Memories

Copyright – Sandra Crook The cyclone took away everything that I had; my family, my house and everything else that I could call mine. When I returned home after a year away, all that was left was a big mess of broken bricks and wood.The pond was plagued with dirt and the entire place looked abandoned. I could have easily turned back and gone away to a better pasture, but the love in my heart refused to let go of me. I decided to trust myself and build everything from scratch again so that the memories of my loved ones could live forever. This five sentence fiction is written for the topic ' Trust ' at Lillie McFerrin Writes . This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 12th December 2014 .

Feed A Child Today

I love cooking and feeding my loved ones. For me cooking is not just a chore, it is a form of love. And I love to express it in the most wonderful way possible. I cook for myself, that is the passion. I cook for others, that is what I desire. Watching the expression on their face when they eat the food I cook is a satisfaction that has no bounds. And since I'm a fussy eater myself, I am very particular about the food I cook too. As there is nothing more sad and demeaning than wasting food. If you cook good food and in the right quantity then it will not go waste. Wasting food breaks my heart and makes me feel angry. My grand mother used to say that once we die, every grain of food we wasted shall question us in heaven. That's not a very good feeling, no matter how silly of false it may be. Knowing that there are a million children out there who beg and crave for food, and yet you are throwing away freshly cooked food is something all of us need to be ashamed about.  A

Action Replay - November

Image Source Another month gets drowned in work, work and more work. Finally I completed the work that was to go in December and have a couple of days to relax now. The past month was so hectic that I do not recall how the days swept by. Just like October, this month too only revolved around work. I was always a workaholic and I like being drowned in responsibilities. But this time I too was over worked. Somehow things went great and I was given an award for my contributions. I was so happy. It always is good to have your hard work appreciated and recognized. My role changed too and I'm more than thrilled. Work is something that I have never ever complained about. Cal always appreciates my focus towards work and never complains about the extra hours that I had to put in. He understands how much it means to me. Having a husband who respects you and your work is so important. I'm blessed in every possible way, just by having him in my life. Apart from the achievements